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This page offers help in the location of information about dealing with your legal issues. Included are links to issues concerning international trade, the sale of goods, transport, payment, insurance, alternative dispute resolution procedures, aviation and maritime law, lawyer referral and information services, the ins and outs of legal arbitration, help to form your new corporation or LLC in any state, a directory of online journals and sites related to law and economics, information on government regulations, mostly federal, that impact many businesses and clear explanations of key legal issues facing every business, including taxes, trademarks, hiring and firing, LLC’s, commercial leases and buying/selling a business.

Lawyer referral services
Lawyer Referral and Information Services are operated as a public service by many state and local bar associations. Lawyer referral is designed to assist you in finding the appropriate service-provider to help you solve your legal problem.

American Arbitration Association News
A variety of information sources addressing the ins and outs of legal arbitration.

FindLaw: Law and Economics
Directory of online journals and sites related to law and economics.

Cornell University’s Law Library
This search engine will look for information in the “Law about…” section of the LII. It will return information and commentary about broad areas of law. acts as a gateway to federal, state and local information. Entrepreneurs can scan checklists to quickly define their problems and find solutions on topics ranging from federal advertising laws to local zoning codes. In addition to self-help articles, interactive guides, and the ability to complete transactions on line such as applying for a Federal EIN, the site also connects users with sources of in-person help from government officials, attorneys and business counselors in their local area.

Nolo, Law for All
Nolo’s mission is to make the legal system work for everyone. Everything we publish is regularly revised, updated and improved by our staff of lawyer-editors, to make sure that it’s the best it can be. We pay attention not only to changes in the law, but to feedback from customers, lawyers, judges and court staffers.
Attempts to provide the most accurate and detailed info available to get simple,direct answers to the most common questions on contracts and contract law.

Free Legal Advice
FreeAdvice® is the leading legal site for consumers and small businesses. It provides general legal information to help people understand their legal rights in 125+ legal topics, but is not a substitute for personal legal advice from an attorney. You are welcome to view FreeAdvice for your own personal, non-commercial purposes, AS IS, subject to our disclaimer and conditions of use.

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