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Financial Management

This page offers help in the location of information about financial management within an enterprise. Included are links to information on credit management and internal auditing, financial record keeping for the small business from the SBA and a list of tools, training, and practical help for everyone who builds the financial business case.

American Management Association
Financial management training programs and accounting seminars will keep you at the top of your game.

Healthcare Financial Management Association
To define, realize and advance the financial management of health care by helping members and others improve the business performance of organizations operating in or serving the healthcare field.

Construction Financial Management Association
The source and resource for construction financial management professionals.

Money Management International
To provide professional financial guidance, counseling, community-wide educational programs, and debt management assistance to consumers and businesses.

Public Financial Management
Public Financial Management (PFM) is the nation’s leading financial advisor to government clients.

Financial Management Association International
Financial Management Assoc Int’l helps develop and disseminate knowledge about financial decision making.

European Financial Management
European Financial Management Association was founded in 1994 by Prof. John Doukas to encourage research and disseminate knowledge about financial decision making in all areas of finance as it relates to European corporations, financial institutions and capital markets.

Morningstar Advisor
Morningstar is the leading provider of mutual fund, stock, and variable-insurance investment information. A comprehensive site for financial professionals.

The Business Case
Tools, training, and practical help for everyone who builds the financial business case.

A Bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury
The mission of FMS is to provide central payment services to federal program agencies, operate the federal government’s collections and deposit systems, provide governmentwide accounting and reporting services, and manage the collection of delinquent debt. No longer just the government’s ‘bookkeeper’, the FMS of the new millennium is an organization that is on the technology forefront in its use of automated systems. The bureau also supports federal agencies’ financial management improvement efforts in the areas of education, consulting, and accounting operations through a franchise fund business. FMS’ express and explicit mission strategically supports the overarching Treasury goal of managing the government’s finances effectively, as well as two of the governmentwide initiatives under the President’s Management Agenda – Improved Financial Performance and Expanded Electronic Government.

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