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This page offers help in the location of information about acquiring and protecting trademarks. Included are links to the legal basis for the establishment of a trademark, an article about the selection and proper use of trademarks, an article about the main purpose of a trademark, a variety of sources that answer questions regarding trademarks, a trademark research and registration service, an explanation about filing a trademark application at the Trademark Office, a description of a typical trademark timeline from the creation of the trademark to its registration with the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) and the impact of the Internet on trademarks.

FREE Trademark Search
The United States Patent and Trademark Office offers free searches on Patents and Trademarks

United States Trademark & Patent Office
Frequently asked questions about trademarks and U.S. trademark applications.

Selecting, Using, and Maintaining Trademarks
Article from the publication of The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society Selecting, Using, and Maintaining Trademarks by Walter J. Blenko, Jr. The selection and proper use of trademarks can be of utmost importance to any firm that deals with the public. If a trademark is not carefully selected at the outset, it may be of little value to the firm using it. If the trademark is not correctly used after it has been adopted, the trade-mark owner may lose valuable rights.

Trademark Act of 1946
The legal basis for the establishment of a trademark.

Patent and Trademark Law Center
Welcome inventors and Entrepreneurs ! If you have created a new idea you feel may need a patent or trademark, or, you have a unique name or symbol identifying your product or service, nurture and protect it! Here is important information about patent and trademark protection for your most important assets – your ideas.

How to Register Your Trademark
In the United Kingdom, there is no legal obligation to register a trade mark but continued use of the mark might be blocked by a later user who does secure a valid registration in good faith.

Trademark Basics
In its most literal meaning, a trademark is any word or other symbol that is consistently attached to, or forms part of, a product to identify and distinguish it from others in the marketplace. In other words, a trademark is a brand name.

Trademark wars on the web
This page is meant to be an extensive, if not comprehensive, list of sites that have gotten slammed in one way or another for trademark concerns. The purpose of this list is to document what may be an increasing trend toward the use and abuse of intellectual property law as a form of online censorship.

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