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This page offers help in the location of information about issuing press releases for your product or service. Included are links to the DirectoryGuideTM, an extensive catalog of search engines and directories that accept web site announcements, a guide for press relations staff, an article on a formula for success in issuing press releases and a way to post your press release for free immediate distribution via the web.

How to send a press release.
Don't Tarnish Your Good Name Spamming Editors. Recommendations and tips on sending press releases and following up with editors.

WORLDWIRE Press Release Distribution service
EWORLDWIRE Press Release Distribution service is the direct result of focus on developing a wide and targeted media reach for an ultra-effective publicity campaign. Eworldwire creates custom programs to drive traffic to websites using methods including distributing press releases through affinity website links, redirects, e-zine and print article publication, strategic newsgroup seeding, search engine and directory listing and positioning, complemented by other publicity methods, using our extensive contacts and databases.

Mass Media Distribution
We distribute your press release directly to editors and journalists by email and fax. We target your press release to editors and journalists that write about your type of organization and subject. This is very effective because journalists receive your press release directly and do not need to search for your news on the internet.

The Care and Feeding of The Press
A guide for press relations staff. Whenever groups of people with a common interest get together, the conversation turns to the subjects they have in common. Among the many ongoing conversation themes among the members of the Internet Press Guild (editors, writers, and freelancers on Internet topics) are the frustrations of dealing with "PR people." That's what we call you when we're feeling kind. The language is often much more colorful.

Internet News Bureau
Is there a formula for success in issuing press releases?

First and foremost, the release must be credible in the eyes of the recipient. Important factors in establishing credibility are: The release is well written, information is presented in a factual manner. Hyperbole, cute spins and overt sales pitches are not acceptable to media professionals, the content is newsworthy and relevant to the recipient. Write a news release, not an advertisement, the release is sent to journalists who have expressed interest in receiving it. Unsolicited releases are not effective. Media relations works best through personal contacts or a recognized, reputable agency.

Post your press release for free immediate distribution via the Web. In early 1997 we wanted to distribute a press release for my new venture and was shocked that this would cost me over $500 just for the distribution, a little beyond our budget at the time. At that time we had two options, pay the fee or use our skills and talents to find another way to distribute our press releases. This is how the ambitious project of PR Web was formed and a year later we have helped over 4,000 companies distribute their press releases. You might be surprised to know that many fortune 500 companies are even using the site. We have become so popular that PR Newswire, a leader in press release distribution, has decided to sponsor our Web site in a multi-year agreement. Come by today and see what we are all about.

Eric Ward's URLwire
URLwire is a non-automated news matching service, where I send news of high-end Web launches, re-launches, Web-based events and Web happenings, to Internet and Web news editors, reporters, writers, site reviewers, and news headline aggregators.

Press Release Network
Press Release Network is a targeted newswire service to US and global media circuits covering major online news agencies and print publications.

Bulletproof News Releases
Bulletproof News Releases: Help at Last for the Publicity Deficient by Kay Borden

Six Steps to Free Publicity
Six Steps to Free Publicity: And Dozens of Other Ways to Win Free Media Attention for You or Your Business by Marcia Yudkin

Publicity & Media Relations Checklists
Publicity & Media Relations Checklists: 59 Proven Checklists to Save Time, Win Attention, & Maximize Exposure With Every Public Relations & Publicity by David R. Yale, Anne Knudsen (Editor)

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