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This page offers help in the location of information about pricing. Concepts addressed include approaches to pricing, financial and economics information, case studies on pricing, pricing based on costs and desired profit, a survey of pricing mechanisms, the Professional Pricing Society, understanding your product’s market, distribution costs, and competition and how to describe your pricing strategy.
The primary goal of business is to make a profit. Many small businesses fail to do so because they do not know how to price their products or services. Pricing is the critical element in achieving a profit and is a factor that all firms can control.

Professional Pricing Society
The Professional Pricing Society is the only association that supports price decision makers and price management personnel from a wide variety of industries in over 50 countries. Pricing, Marketing, and General Management executives from Fortune 1000 and mid-sized firms are typical members of the Pricing Society.

How to Price Your Products and Services
How much should I charge for my goods and services? That’s a question that plagues many an entrepreneur. Charge too much and you lose sales. Charge too little and you leave profits on the table. This article offers some good advice on pricing your goods and services

The Manager
This article provides managers with a set of winning pricing approaches that help the marketing department make pricing decisions that are proactive, strategic, and grounded in results.

Net MBA Business Knowledge Center
Pricing Strategy—One of the major elements of the marketing mix is price. Pricing is an important strategic issue because it is related to product positioning. Pricing affects other marketing mix elements such as product features, channel decision, and promotion.

Marketing Know-how from Professionals and Professors
Marketing FAQs.– I have a new product, but I don’t know how to price it. Where do I start?
One of the most crucial decisions facing senior software executives today is how to price products and services. is devoted to providing guidance and resources that will help you make better pricing decisions so your company and sales channels can make more money faster by properly pricing software products.

The SOHO Guidebook to Packaging and Pricing
Pricing must reflect not only your costs to produce the product or service at the expected volume, but also the value your customers place on what you offer. What’s more, price is a way to differentiate your business from others, especially in the consumer market.

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