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Competitive Analysis

This page offers help in the location of competitive information for business planning. Concepts addressed include company listings, general business resources, company profiles, competitive intelligence, technical information used for specification and sourcing, the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, international competition and a register of American manufacturers.

Using the Internet for Competitve Intelligence
The Internet serves both as additional source of information and a cost-effective means of sharing and disseminating information to decision makers.

Company Profiles
The company that started out as a pauper peddling one book covering 542 companies has been dubbed “The Reigning King of Corporate Profiles” by FORTUNE. Austin, Texas-based Hoover’s provides business information online through its flagship Web site, Hoover’s Online. Hoover’s Online also features links to news, lists, stock quotes, and other products such as Hoover’s Industry Snapshots (global industry overviews). Hoover’s offers more than 13,500 company capsules (brief company descriptions and financials) for free, and more than 3,500 company profiles (company histories, strategies, market positions, major events, and other information) available via online subscription. The profiles cover US and foreign public and nonpublic companies and are written for executives, investors, job seekers, sales people, consumers, and scholars — anyone who needs company information written in an informed and engaging style.

Information on competitive intelligence
Links to several sites addressing the concept of competitive intelligence.

A buyers guide to the products of over 120,000 verified industrial companies first published in 1893 as America’s original industrial directory.

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
Founded in 1986, the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals has built a diverse membership of competitive intelligence (CI) professionals from companies and consulting firms around the globe. Dedicated to providing educational and networking opportunities to competitive intelligence professionals, the Society helps individuals develop the skills necessary to use competitive intelligence to create competitive advantage for their firms. From strategy and planning to marketing and market research, SCIP members are involved in all dimensions of the competitive intelligence profession.

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