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Industry Information

This page offers help in the location of industry information. Concepts addressed include links into 16 industry sectors, a complete listing of all Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, a complete listing of all Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes, the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), access to 13,500 company capsules and more than 3,500 company profiles and a listing of publications relating to small business.

Industry Information
Industry Information Resources provides links to industry resources and data for over 350 industries listed below. Individual pages for each industry list resources and data available from trade associations, publications, and research firms which address subjects such as industry overview, issues, trends, and outlook, financial ratios and benchmarking, compensation and salary surveys, and business valuation resources.

Industry Research & Business Information: Harris InfoSource 
Get unlimited access to company profiles for all U.S. businesses. Download detailed business information for industry research.

First Research Individual Industry Profiles
Covering over 175 industries and updated every 90 days, First Research INDUSTRY PROFILES do the heavy lifting for you – saving you valuable research time, increasing confidence on sales calls and giving you the competitive edge to win more business.

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is replacing the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. NAICS will reshape the way we view our changing economy. NAICS was developed jointly by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to provide new comparability in statistics about business activity across North America.

Company Profiles
The company that started out as a pauper peddling one book covering 542 companies has been dubbed “The Reigning King of Corporate Profiles” by FORTUNE. Austin, Texas-based Hoover’s provides business information online through its flagship Web site, Hoover’s Online. Hoover’s Online also features links to news, lists, stock quotes, and other products such as Hoover’s Industry Snapshots (global industry overviews). Hoover’s offers more than 13,500 company capsules (brief company descriptions and financials) for free, and more than 3,500 company profiles (company histories, strategies, market positions, major events, and other information) available via online subscription.

Red Herring
Red Herring Communications meets the specialized information needs of strategic business decision makers. Red Herring, the monthly business magazine for technology, focuses on trends in technology and the companies driving them. Red Herring’s high-level industry conferences, such as the Venture Market series and NDA, bring the trends to life and showcases the emerging companies behind the innovations. Red Herring Online provides business professionals and personal investors with daily technology news, analysis, and in-depth company profiles.

Business Resource Guide is a shared Web service that hosts and provides critical tools for more than 35 publishers, including companies that are part of The Thomson Corporation as well others that are not, and for sites developed by non-profit organizations as well.

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