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Segmentation & Distribution

This page offers information to help in the process of analyzing market segmentation. Concepts addressed include product or service positioning, per capita income analyses, labor statistics, famous failures of the past, the U.S. global trade outlook, export growth and trade trends.

QuickMBA is an online knowledge resource to help you to quickly find the business knowledge you need. QuickMBA is operated by the Internet Center for Management and Business Administration, Inc. Topics are presented as frameworks and summaries on various subjects of business administration. Rather than offer the same marketing mix to vastly different customers, market segmentation makes it possible for firms to tailor the marketing mix for specific target markets, thus better satisfying customer needs.

Market segmentation for small business
Opportunities in marketing increase when segmented groups of clients and customers with varying needs and wants are recognized. Markets can be segmented or targeted using a variety of factor. is an Internet-Portal.
As indicated in our name, we focus on management-topics. Our core competencies are that offers you quick and direct access of management-knowledge available on the Internet – articles, studies, checklists, FAQs and more. Recommended literature and information regarding Market Segmentation and Brand Positioning.

Distribution Group
Distribution Group publications have helped distribution center and warehouse managers increase productivity, cut costs and meet increasing customer demands in the warehouse.

Logistic and transportation solutions worldwide.
Ryder provides Outbound Product Support services to move your finished products from manufacturing plants or assembly lines to distribution centers or directly to customers

Per Capita income analyses
250 Highest and Lowest Per Capita Incomes of the 3110 Counties in the United States, 1996. From the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Current releases of regional and local labor statistics
From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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