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Market Research

This page offers information to help in the process of performing market research. Concepts addressed include surveys of on-line marketers, customer satisfaction surveys, tips and articles to help the new researcher, a market research discussion forum, focus groups, mail surveys, Internet’s influence on consumer industries and targeting the right prospects.
Where the world goes for market research. is an aggregator of global business intelligence representing the most comprehensive collection of published market research available on-demand.

Market Research Organization
Marketing Research Association is dedicated to advancing the practical application, use and understanding of the opinion and marketing research profession.

Marketing Research Review is designed to promote the use, understanding and value of marketing research across all industries.

Customer satisfaction surveys
Customer Satisfaction measurement and tracking can help you to maintain or gain competitive advantage by identifying areas for improvement. If customer satisfaction survey results are acted upon, the end result should be increased trial (generated by positive word-of-mouth advertising), and, of course, increased customer retention. Improved service levels can increase the value of your services to the customer, thereby reducing the role that price plays in the value equation.

First Research
Industry intelligence company that helps sales teams perform faster and smarter, open doors and close more deals. First Research synthesizes hundreds of sources into an easy to digest format a sales person can consume very quickly to better understand a prospect’s or client’s business issues. First Research updates each Industry Profile quarterly and pushes out Email Alerts to ensure content is both timely and top of mind.

Précis Industry
Offers concise yet comprehensive research on the current and expected economic conditions of 59 U.S. industries. Each report includes extensive written analysis on current and anticipated trends; upside and downside risk factors, pricing, profitability and the long-term outlook.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor
Career Guide to Industries – Hotels and Other Lodging Places. Information provided includes a description of the nature of the industry, working conditions, employment, occupations in the industry, training and advancement, earnings and benefits, employment outlook, and lists of organizations that can provide additional information. Available free online.

Business Valuation Resources, LLC
Databases containing detailed information on business valuation multiples, merger and acquisition transaction data, and business valuation discounts and premiums.

The Travel and Tourism Research Association
The International Association of Travel Research and Marketing Professionals Faciliates access to numerous sources of information to support your research efforts. Educates members in research, marketing and planning skills through publications, conferences, and networking.

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