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The SanaSana management is a key asset necessary to propel this project forward. Combined, the seven founders have over 50 years of direct experience in general management, e-commerce, finance, marketing, medicine, and operations. Each also stands poised to earn an MBA with Distinction from the University of Michigan Business School. The strength of the team stems from three major factors:

3.1 The Team

The roles of each team member are in line with qualifications and interests, bolstering the feasibility of our plans. The following figure shows the background of each member and the organization of SanaSana.

Figure 6. Team Member Matrix
BackgroundSanaSana Role
Elizabeth BartonSales, ConsultingCustomer Experience
Carlos De JesusSales, Brand ManagementMarketing
Adam Farkas, MDMedicine, E-commerceTechnology
Ricardo FernandezFinance, Brand ManagementBusiness Development
Brian KhouryFinance, EntrepreneurCommunications
Hyung Kim, MDMedicine, Academic ProfessorMedical Affairs
Jamel RichardsonOperations, Brand ManagementOperations

Summaries of team members' individual qualifications can be found behind both the front and back covers of this document.

3.2 Future Team Members

In addition to the seven principals noted above, SanaSana will recruit senior executives with specific functional skills required of future operations. Candidates meeting qualifications will be added as the business's operations merit.
Table of ContentsAppendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Business Description
2. Market Analysis
3. Management Team
4. Operating Strategies
5. Financial Projections
6. Business Risks
Health Demographics
Future Business Offerings
Competitive Landscape
Internet Usage and Penetration
Technical Infrastructure Implementation
Detailed Financial Statements
All information herein is confidential and belongs to SanaSana.