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Figure 1. SanaSana Vision Statement

We envision developing our consumers into informed, proactive users of health services. They will be empowered by current, customized information, products and services that our industry partners present. In turn, our industry partners will have opportunities to reach critical new markets through novel business relationships that reduce associated costs and increase potential revenues. By providing an interactive forum linking consumers and organizations, we promote the development of a highly improved health care system.

1.1 Marketplace Needs

SanaSana enables Hispanics to improve their health through both on- and off-line vehicles. We leverage five marketplace trends to fulfill both businesses' and consumers' unmet needs. 1.1.1 Consumer Benefits
Our company's success stems from its ability to offer personalized, accurate information while protecting our users' confidentiality, thereby providing a convenient, trustworthy way to become informed and proactive about health. We offer:

1.1.2 Business Partner Benefits
By working with SanaSana, all of our industry partners-both health and non-health service companies, will benefit from increased access to a crucial population that will come to regard SanaSana as its most trusted source of health-related information. Allying with SanaSana will bring increased awareness and esteem for our industry partners. The specific services we will provide to our business partners include:

Figure 2. Business Gains Triad
Governmental Agencies and Insurance Companies
  • Reduction in unnecessary care
  • Increases in plan enrollees
Hospital Systems and Physicians
  • Application Service Provision
  • Inclusion in referral database
  • Complimentary web hosting with email address
Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods Companies
  • Access to clinical trial participants
  • Opportunities for targeted marketing and sampling campaign
  • New product pages

1.2 Entry Strategy Description

In order to provide consumer health information, SanaSana must form broad alliances.

1.3 Barriers to Entry

SanaSana's barriers to entry originate from two sources: its content and community. Figure 3. Barriers to Entry
Prominent, concerned physiciansProprietary, novel HealthCapsulesTM
Community based computer terminalsConsistently current, reliably accurate
Physician office presenceEasily understandable and useful
Industry relationships and contactsEnglish, Spanish and Portuguese

1.4 Growth Opportunities Beyond the U.S.

With initial success in the U.S., we will then expand internationally. Our extraordinary opportunities for expansion come from three key areas. See Appendix B for details.
Table of ContentsAppendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Business Description
2. Market Analysis
3. Management Team
4. Operating Strategies
5. Financial Projections
6. Business Risks
Health Demographics
Future Business Offerings
Competitive Landscape
Internet Usage and Penetration
Technical Infrastructure Implementation
Detailed Financial Statements
All information herein is confidential and belongs to SanaSana.