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Cash Flow Statement
The following is an example of a Cash Flow Statement. Click on any line item label and an explanation will be shown. This is a five year statement, however, your first year's projections should show monthly figures, the second year, quarterly and years three through five should show annual figures.

Source of Funds
Beginning cash0-11,767143,765416,274924,480
Sales/Svcs Income1,366,9862,662,5483,416,1234,565,6165,981,959
Sale of Assets00000
Customer deposits00000
Contributed Capital400,0000000
Available Cash$1,766,986$2,650,781$3,559,888$4,981,890$6,906,439

Use of Funds
Other operating expenses423,753759,933900,2451,187,3401,533,432
Loan payments024,91099,64099,64099,640
Capital Expenditures00000
Tax Payments04617399729213430277791
Total Cash Out$1,778,753$2,507,016$3,143,614$4,057,410$5,265,863
Net Cash Flow($11,767)$143,765$416,274$924,480$1,640,576