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 Zif Medical – Commercial Options

Zif will pursue one of the following commercial options:

  1. License the technology to an established medical device company.
  2. Build specialized tooling and contract manufacturing and distribution functions.
  3. Build specialized tooling, printing, and assembly equipment. Contract custom molding and distributor functions.

Option #1
Zif ‘s currently needs $250,000 to complete the patent application, field trials, and Food & Drug Administration approvals. Upon FDA approval, $150,000 is required to commercially license this technology. Thus, $400,000 is required to commercialize this product under Option #1.

Option #2
Pursuit of commercial option #2 will require $400,000 in year one for the development costs as stated in Option #1. $1.47 million is required in year two to launch mass production of this new product. Zif plans to grow through the investment of retained earnings, thus no further capital outlays will be needed.

Option #3
This option involves purchasing all the product specific tooling and auxiliary equipment. This option is more capital intensive, but eliminates the need for contracting high value printing, assembly and packaging operations with a potential competitor. This option is developed fully in a separate business plan. This higher risk plan will be utilized only in the case of strong investor preference, or lack of success with options #1 and #2.

Zif Medical Devices
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Product Design
2. Market Analysis
3. Commercial Options
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Manufacturing Plan
6. Organization
7. Corporate Vision, Mission
8. Financial Plan
Depreciation Schedule
S&A Budgets
Sales Forecast
Focus Group Summaries
Management Resumes
Patent Attorney’s Opinion
FDA Consultant’s Option
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