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 Zif Medical – Product Design

The Zif safety syringe is designed to provide maximum safety to the user while maintaining the ease of use that health providers expect. Zif syringes are provided to the user with the sheath locked over the needle tip. This assures initial safety during unpackaging and medical preparation. The sheath can easily be unlocked and positioned to allow the user to draw the injection fluid. Once the liquid is drawn, the needle can be covered by rotating the sheath back in place. When the injection is to be administered, the sheath is unlocked and the injection is performed in the usual manner. During the shot, the sheath is automatically set to the locking position, so when the needle is retracted from the patient, the sheath locks in place. This prevents any subsequent needle-sticks (accidentally getting stuck with an exposed needle during a medical procedure).4

The three major benefits of Zif syringes are:

  1. Automatic safety
  2. Ease of use
  3. Excellent value

4 Patent rules prohibit further disclosure of the actual product design without proper disclosure documentation.

Zif Medical Devices
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Product Design
2. Market Analysis
3. Commercial Options
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Manufacturing Plan
6. Organization
7. Corporate Vision, Mission
8. Financial Plan
Depreciation Schedule
S&A Budgets
Sales Forecast
Focus Group Summaries
Management Resumes
Patent Attorney’s Opinion
FDA Consultant’s Option
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