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Vusion – Vusion Provides the Solution

The Company

Vusion Inc. is a privately-held Delaware C corp. operating in the state of Texas since October 1998, founded by Kent Bradshaw, Richard Burgess, Paul Kunko, and Jason Levin to commercialize the Electronic Tongue TM. Vusion aims to be the leading niche developer of real-time chemical analyzers to industrial and medical markets within seven years. Vusion will provide high added value to these markets with real-time, sensitive, and accurate analytical hardware that is on the leading edge of chemical analyzer technology.

The Product Benefits

Vusion’s initial product is a real-time liquid analyzer focused on the needs of fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological manufacturing companies. These companies produce many complex chemical mixtures of high added value in their manufacturing processes. Vusion’s analyzer can assess the presence and quantity of multiple chemicals in a process mixture, enabling such companies to:

  • Measure multiple chemicals simultaneously;
  • Generate real-time results with laboratory level accuracy;
  • Use a compact instrument installed on-site, and;
  • Convert these results into a digital output suitable for direct input into a process control computer.

The key end-user benefits are:

  • Consistent quality with less waste;
  • Improved efficiency and utilization by reducing the quality control bottlenecks, and;
  • Increased customer satisfaction from better products without delivery delays.
Industry Need for Vusion’s Technology

Recently, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reviewed the field of chemical measurement and identified a multitude of needs and challenges for future development (see this report on NIST’s website at The NIST report recognized the “enabling” capability of chemical analysis for several applications. NIST developed a list of seven key application areas in need of chemical measurement improvements, which included process control and product development, but found the current state of technology to be less than optimal, stating that “real-time analytical measurements are not generally available, either online or off-line.”

According to the report, the reason most real-world chemical measurements are conducted off-line is that many sophisticated methods of chemical analysis are not finding their way from the laboratory to research & development (R&D) and manufacturing facilities. This system needs to change, based on chemical manufacturers’ desires for reduced costs, increased efficiency, increased speed to market and improved product quality. NIST expects the changes to be realized as “robust techniques for real-time, highly reliable analyses in practical environments.” These new solutions will be sensors that respond quickly to change in complex manufacturing environments. Current methods, such as Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, are too slow to adapt to the above dynamic manufacturing trends (see Competition).

The NIST report further defined industry needs against a likely time frame. Short-term needs (< 3 years) include a systems approach (integrated sampling, on-line detection, signal transmission, data handling and maintenance), real-time compositional information for liquid phase streams, increased speed of analysis, sensitivity and selectivity. Medium and long term needs include high reliability, a PC-based generic user interface, real time trace analysis, and miniaturization. All of these needs are addressed by Vusion’s Electronic Tongue TM technology.

Vusion, Inc.
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3. Vusion Provides the Solution
4. Market Analysis
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Manufacturing Strategy
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