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Vusion – The Problem

Many of the products we use everyday – from sodas to the fertilizer we put on our lawns to prescription drugs – are made from complex mixtures of many chemicals.

These products are manufactured in sophisticated processing plants. Despite the sophistication of these plants, companies often do not know if the composition of their product is correct until a final laboratory test is performed at the end of the process. If a mistake has been made, the result could be millions of dollars worth of poor quality product that either needs expensive reprocessing or must simply be thrown away (see Primary Market).

Processing companies cannot completely measure product streams during production because the technology currently available for on-line process analysis consists of basic analyzers that usually measure only one aspect of the product. This information alone is insufficient for highly efficient process control. To truly know the composition of an intermediate or final product, a sample must be removed from the process stream and taken to a laboratory for analysis. These tests take a lot of time, during which high volumes of expensive product could be lost. Hence, there is a tremendous need for chemical manufacturing companies to be able to measure the complex mixtures within their processing plants in a real-time manner. Such technology would enable them to produce high quality products on time, every time.

Vusion, Inc.
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Problem
2. The Solution
3. Vusion Provides the Solution
4. Market Analysis
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Manufacturing Strategy
Financial Model: Assumptions
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Statement of Cashflow
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