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 Vusion – Executive Summary

The Vision

Vusion is developing a chemical analyzer and Sensor Cartridge, based upon the Electronic Tongue TM technology, which can instantly analyze complex chemical solutions. This major breakthrough in analyzer technology enables fine chemical manufacturers to:

  • Significantly improve product quality;
  • Increase manufacturing efficiency, and;
  • Rapidly respond to processing problems.

These benefits will save millions of dollars annually by reducing downtime and improving plant utilization.

In addition, numerous medical applications need real-time, on-the-spot, easy-to-use chemical analysis, which can save lives and reduce expensive hospital laboratory costs.

The Gap in the Market

Many liquid processing industries do not have the technology available for real-time measurement of product quality. The current approach is to remove a sample from the manufacturing process and perform a laboratory test. The time delay in this approach could result in high volumes of product currently in production being rejected, thrown away, or reprocessed. These inefficiencies can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Product costs can account for 40% of sales revenues. The on-line analyzers currently available are very expensive, have limited applications and accuracy, require skilled operators and generate delays in providing results.

Meeting the Market’s Needs

Vusion’s analyzer and Sensor Cartridge will enable economical, real-time analysis of many complex chemical solutions, instantly identifying the presence and quantity of multiple chemicals within a mixture. The results can be fed directly into a process control computer, allowing customers to consistently produce high quality products on time, every time.


Marketing & Distribution Strategy

The initial market niche for Vusion’s Analyzer within the U.S. is estimated to be worth greater than $500 million with annual sales of its Sensor Cartridge worth close to $130 million (see Primary Market).Vusion intends to enter this market by partnering with large process control original equipment manufacturers (OEM) that supply instrumentation to fine chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnological companies. Vusion’s goal is to design, develop, and beta-test analyzers through industrial collaborations and then sub-license the analyzer design to its OEM partner who will manufacture, market, and distribute the analyzers. Vusion will ramp up its Sensor Cartridge manufacturing and act as a sole supplier of Sensor Cartridges to the customers of its OEM partners. Other potential markets include but are not limited to Food and Beverage processing, Medical Diagnostics, and Environmental Testing.

Manufacturing Strategy

The analyzer consists of a customized housing into which the Sensor Cartridge can be placed and exposed to liquid chemicals within a process plant. The Sensor Cartridge contains a small silicon chip that holds chemically adapted beads housed in a disposable plastic cartridge. These beads react by producing a color pattern when exposed to different chemicals. Vusion will design and produce the chemical receptors to be placed on the beads and purchase the remaining components for the Sensor Cartridge from sub-contractors. Vusion will NOT assemble the final analyzer instrument but will sub-license to a larger OEM partner. Vusion will not incur the capital costs of developing a manufacturing facility for the instrumentation nor the expense of marketing or distributing the analyzer. However, the design, development and manufacture of the bead chemistry that makes up the added value provided by the Sensor Cartridge will remain proprietary to Vusion.

Financial Strategy

Vusion is seeking seed capital of $1,500,000 for initial company operations to:

  • Secure the license for the Electronic Tongue TM from The University of Texas at Austin;
  • Hire a seasoned CEO and management team;
  • Develop a pre-manufacturing prototype from its proven analyzer technology;
  • Continue negotiations with potential industrial partners and customers;
  • Begin alpha-testing with select corporate collaborators, and;
  • Fund continuous development of the Electronic Tongue TM within the inventor’s labs.

Formal operations will begin in the second half of 1999. Approximately one year later, Vusion will raise an additional $8 million in private equity, corporate partnerships and federal grants to:

  • Begin full-scale product development (designing novel chemical receptors);
  • Commence receptor bead production, and;
  • Identify outside vendors and contract the design and manufacture of the Sensor Cartridge;
  • Develop corporate partnership efforts.

Vusion intends to raise another $12 million in follow-on investment in the third year of operations to scale-up its chemistry development and new product development efforts. Vusion projects $57 million in revenue with $11 million in net income by Year 6. The initial investor will receive an equity stake in the company and preferential rights to invest in subsequent equity rounds.


Vusion was founded by four graduate students from The University of Texas Graduate School of Business. Its current President & Chief Executive Officer, Jason D. Levin, has over 6 years experience in both academic research and industrial drug development. Jason spent 4 years as a Scientist in a start-up gene therapy company. More recently, he worked in business development at a functional genomics company alongside the DNA microchip product development team. He is currently completing his MBA at The University of Texas at Austin.

Vusion’s Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Kent Bradshaw, is a registered CPA with 5 years of public accounting experience. Kent spent 3 years as a Senior Consultant at Price Waterhouse then joined KPMG Peat Marwick as a Supervising Senior before returning to Texas to pursue his MBA at The University of Texas at Austin. While completing his degree he has been working for Imperial Bank, a venture banking firm.

Two of Vusion’s founders are fulfilling advisory roles. Richard Burgess is a chemical engineer with a decade of experience in operations and marketing high tech products is consulting Vusion as a Strategy Consultant. Dr. Paul Kunko has spent the last 8 years performing pharmacology research and is consulting Vusion as a Market Analyst.

Vusion is further strengthened by its collaboration with the 4 researchers that invented the Electronic Tongue TM at The University of Texas at Austin. These partners are Drs. Eric Anslyn, an Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, John McDevitt, an Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dean Neikirk, a Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Jason Shear, an Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Each inventor is an active member of Vusion’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Vusion’s Advisers consist of an impressive group of seasoned businesspeople including Lee Walker, former President of Dell Computers and Chairman of the Board of SkyTel, Dr. Richard Capozza, former CEO of Autonomous Technologies Corporation and Syntex Opthalmics, and Mary K Marsden, President of the Mar.Com Group.

Vusion, Inc.
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1. The Problem
2. The Solution
3. Vusion Provides the Solution
4. Market Analysis
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Manufacturing Strategy
Financial Model: Assumptions
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Statement of Cashflow
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