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VeriType – Management


  • Jennifer Brunner, CEO: Prior to co-founding VeriType, Jennifer worked as a database developer. Ms. Brunner is completing her MBA at the University of Arizona with concentration in MI S. She received her BA in Linguistics in 1993 from the University of Virginia.
  • Wayne Gyllenhaal, COO: A co-founder who has been a practicing physical therapist for 14 years, and is familiar with HCFA guidelines and procedural coding. He has worked at Health South, one of the nation’s largest corporate healthcare providers. He also provided technical support at Intuit, a manufacturer of finance software. Mr. Gyllenhaal is currently completing his MBA at the University of Arizona with an emphasis in marketing and operations management.
  • Business Development: This individual will be responsible for developing VeriType’s business partner relationships for software sales, distribution and marketing.
  • CFO: The CFO will support the VeriType management team in raising funds. He will also oversee the financial administrator, who will manage financial structure, cash position, financial statement reporting and benefits administration.
  • Software Development Team: The firm will be seeking key developers with software interface, natural language processing and interactive report writing expertise.
  • Creative Director: The director of marketing will oversee the development of product collateral and marketing materials, and develop the customer training program.
  • Support Team: VeriType will employ product specialists who have experience in logical or textbased software, and will seek to employ one product support specialist who is an expert in HCFA regulations and has had hands-on experience as a documentation coder.

The positions of chairman of the board and vice chairman have been reserved for VeriType’s initial investors. The company’s attorney will also serve on the board, with Dr. Scott Klewer, discussed below, who will serve in an advisory capacity.


  • Scott Klewer, MD: Dr. Klewer initially approached Ms. Brunner in 1997 with the HCFA software concept. Dr. Klewer is a pediatric cardiologist in based in Tucson at the Steele Memorial Children’s Research Center, at the University of Arizona’s Health Sciences Center.
  • Scott Gorman, MD: Dr. Gorman is currently the associate medical director for the Mayo Health Plan of Arizona. Dr. Gorman runs the HMO portion of the Mayo Clinic – Scottsdale, one of the first hospitals in the United States to become a completely paperless and film-less operation, and is very familiar with the research and development process in the medical community.
  • Edie Nodine: Ms. Nodine is a graphic artist with a degree in package design and production from the School of Graphic Arts at Clemson University. At James River Paper, Ms. Nodine is responsible for product design and packaging for the Dixie line of paper goods. She is designing VeriType’s CD logo, packaging and print materials.


Linguistic Technology:

  • Hsinchun Chen, PhD: Dr. Chen is a professor of management information systems at the University of Arizona, and is the head of the its Artificial Intelligence group. He is also a Visiting Senior Research Scientist at National Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Dr. Chen has published more than 30 articles covering semantic retrieval, search algorithms, knowledge discovery, and collaborative computing.
  • Meng Lean, PhD: Dr. Lean is currently a senior research scientist at Xerox Corporation. He has been a conduit for the VeriType team to work with Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), where its Natural Language Processing team has recently developed LinguistX, InXight and Hyperbolic Tree, the most advanced NLP software in the world.

Government Regulations:

  • HCFA Regulation Specialist: VeriType is seeking to add a specialist in HCFA regulations to its advisory committee. An individual with audit experience in the industry, from a big-six accounting firm or from the government’s audit practice, could fill this position.

Sales and Marketing:

  • Mike Testa, global account manager, Oracle Corp. Mike has marketed the worlds leading database, enterprise resource and manufacturing products for the past six years. Mike has been advising VeriType on product development, technical support issues, and sales strategies.

Financing and Pricing:

  • Joseph A. Brunner: Mr. Brunner brought IBM Workgroup Services, a global Lotus Notes offering, to market. He was one of the founding members of the Prevue Network, a successful 50-million subscriber cable service, and a senior vice president of TV Data, a profitable software database company.

Company officers Jennifer Brunner and Wayne Gyllenhaal are involved in the day to day activities of VeriType. They will directly oversee the software development team and product support team. Business Development, Finance and Operations will report to the company officers as well, but operate with a high degree of autonomy and flexibility. Dr. Klewer will function as an advisor to the firm, committing up to 10 hours per week to the start of the business, and will direct functionality and usability testing. Management responsibilities at VeriType are shown on the organizational chart in Appendix 1.

Table of Contents Appendices
1. Executive Summary
2. Company Description
3. Industry Analysis
4. Target Market
5. Competition
6. Marketing and Sales Strategy
7. Operations
8. Management
9. Exit Strategy
10. Financial Projections
Organization Chart
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Summary of Cash Flow
Sales Forecast & Revenues
Marketing Support Costs
Personnel Costs
Cost of Goods Sold
Property & Depreciation
Capital & Debt
All information herein is confidential and belongs to VeriType

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