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True Dimensions – Customer Interviews

Twenty-two FlogistonTM Chair owners who purchased the chair directly from the inventor were interviewed to determine their reason for purchase and level of satisfaction with the chair. Highlights from the telephone interviews are as follows:

  • Uses for the chair included meditation, stress relief, escape, yoga, back-ache relief artistic piece, developing virtual reality entertainment technologies, and personal computer user environment research.
  • The chair’s style/design was described as “elegant,” “eclectic,” “modem,” “futuristic,” “graceful,” “ultra-contemporary,” and “streamlined.”
  • The chair’s comfort features were described as “fabulous,” “perfectly relaxing,” “like floating in water,” “responsive,” “it moves with your body,”.”balanced,” “even weight distribution,” and “it is like having a Ferrari in your living room!”

True Dimensions, Inc.
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