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 True Dimensions – Products

2.1 Introductory Product: The FlogistonTM Chair

Studying yoga to learn stress reduction techniques, Brian Park found himself unable to meditate comfortably in the lotus position. Stimulated by a NASA Tech Briefs article, Park contacted NASA and requested data on the physics of sleep collected during Skylab Missions. Research in NASA’s anthropomorphic and ergonomic studies, combined with his desire to meditate comfortably, led Park to the creation of the FlogistonTM Chair. (See Appendix A, page 23)

Experimenting in his garage, Park tested and refined his prototype. Encouraged by enthusiastic customer response, Park founded Flogiston Corporation. He filed for, and received US Utility Patent #5,141,285 on the modified neutral posture in August, 1992.

The core of the FlogistonTM Chair’s technology lies in the patented modified neutral body posture designed to replicate the natural posture the body takes in zero gravity. This posture merges the neutral body posture with the Savasana yoga position. The Savasana yoga position has been used for thousands of years by yogi to achieve liberation of the self through enhanced meditative relaxation. The FlogistonTM Chair’s features are designed to simulate this derived posture yielding the same benefits.

NASA recognizes the comfort level of the FlogistonTM Chair and currently utilizes the chair attached to a Personal Motion Platform (PMP) for delivering virtual reality training designed to teach astronauts the physics of dealing with objects in zero gravity. (See Appendix B, pages 24-25).

2.2 Development of Future Products

Product development focuses in the following areas:

Product line extensions: Customized chairs will be designed to adapt the product to the special needs of each market niche, including novelty/specialty items, ultra-contemporary furnishings, home theatre, audiophile seating, and chronic pain/stress relief treatment. For the novelty/specialty market (i.e. Sharper Image), the company is developing and testing “infrasound” technology which generates low frequency vibrations for enhanced therapeutic relaxation.

New Products: True Dimensions is currently developing relationships with several talented artists and furniture designers. The company will call upon their expertise in designing new products. These include Dale Eggert of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Jim Wallace and Kevin Merino of Austin, Texas, and Jeff Scott of Santa Monica, California. In addition, new products derived from virtual reality applications will be developed through sponsored research agreements with Flogiston Corporation.

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