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 True Dimensions – The Company

True Dimensions, Inc. manufactures and markets ultra-contemporary, ergonomic furnishings. The company coordinates numerous interdependent resources to provide functional and stylish pieces of furniture to meet the market’s needs for a differentiable level of comfort and cutting edge design. True Dimensions accomplishes its objectives by forming cooperative partnerships with designers, manufacturers, and resellers to supply customers with its unique products.

True Dimensions’s products sacrifice neither comfort nor style in favor of ergonomic design. By placing the body in a minimal stress position, entertainment, computing, and communications devices configure to create an environment conducive to optimal relaxation and productivity.

Founded on January 6, 1995, True Dimensions, Inc. is a Subchapter S Corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company has established primary and secondary outsourcing agreements with manufacturers in Texas. Initial shipment of product is scheduled in April, 1995. As sales grow the company will begin backward integration into a full production facility by year 5.

True Dimensions, Inc.
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. Products
3. Market Analysis
4. Technology & Operations
5. Customer Interviews
6. Marketing Strategy
7. Organization
8. Risk Analysis
9. Financials
Financial Statements
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