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True Dimensions – Executive Summary


True Dimensions, Inc. has an exclusive worldwide license to manufacture and market the FlogistonTM Chair (flow-JIS-ton), a product designed from NASA research on astronaut sleeping patterns in a micro-gravity environment. The chair comfortably supports the body in a modified version of the neutral body posture experienced in zero gravity. Through this patented posture and a flexible aluminum frame, the body finds its own internal equilibrium and balance, providing deep relaxation of the body and mind.

The FlogistonTM Chair has already received widespread recognition in the virtual reality industry as the optimal stress-free environment for virtual reality experiences. Recent publications featuring the chair and its benefits include periodicals such as Omni, Wired, NASA Tech Briefs, Machine Design, and Mondo-2000. These publications reach over 1.1 million subscribers annually. The FlogistonTM Chair was also featured in The Lawnmower Man, a futuristic movie set in the context of virtual reality adventure. The inventor has already sold 25 chairs, and more than 1100 prospective customers have expressed interest in purchasing the chair when it becomes available. NASA, ARPA, Panasonic, Rockwell, Walt Disney Imagineering, The New York Modem Art Museum, and other organizations have expressed interest in the chair.

True Dimensions will use the FlogistonTM Chair as the foundation for building a cohesive line of complementary, ultra-contemporary furniture with the highest level of comfort. True Dimensions has established operations at the Austin Technology Incubator and is working to fill a backlog of 16 orders.


The $19 billion furniture industry is characterized by a large number of suppliers, a large number of buyers, fragmented distribution, limited product differentiation, and low barriers to entry for new suppliers. These characteristics would not appear to make an attractive market for a start up furniture manufacturing and marketing company; however, our marketing strategy will position the company in several of the most profitable furniture niche markets which have remained insulated and are continuing to grow. These segments include novelty/specialty products, ultra-contemporary furnishings, home audio/theatre seating, and ergonomic/therapeutic seating. True Dimensions intends to deliver its home furnishings to a customer base willing to pay a premium for innovation, unique design, and a differentiable level of comfort.

Initially, True Dimensions will leverage the large amount of publicity given to the FlogistonTM Chair through direct sales to identified prospective customers and organizations. This 6 to 12 month period of direct sales will allow the company to establish itself financially and enhance the chair’s features for additional markets. In the long run, the company will follow market research which supports using value-added resellers to distribute products and educate consumers on product benefits. Four retail marketing channels will be utilized via a phased approach:

  • Novelty/specialty retail outlets (i.e. Sharper Image)
  • Ultra-contemporary retail stores
  • Interior designers and architects
  • Home audio/theatre specialty retail stores

Sales representatives from each of these channels were interviewed and shown the prototype of the FlogistonTM Chair. In these meetings, True Dimensions received affirmation of the FlogistonTM Chair’s functional features, visual appeal, and suggested retail price.


True Dimensions has an unique approach to designing furnishings for the home centered on creating a minimum stress environment for the body. Competitive advantages include the following:

  • Exclusive worldwide license of product protected by US Utility Patent #5,141,285
  • Unique product design and unparalleled comfort
  • Reduced exposure to fixed costs by utilizing outsourced manufacturing
  • An experienced and committed management team supported by a qualified Board of Advisors


True Dimensions was initially funded with $30,000 invested by its current principals. This funding will support initial direct sales. In August, 1995, True Dimensions will seek $200,000 in exchange for 35% of common stock and a prorata seat on the Board of Directors. By May we expect to establish a manufacturing and marketing track record on a limited scale. The funds are required primarily for working capital needs during the national sales rollout.

Based on proforma projections, fifth year revenues will be $3.6 million, yielding an operating income of $375,000. An investor can expect a 30% five year compounded annual return on their 35% equity.

True Dimensions, Inc.
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