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Time Merchants – Management Team

The Time Merchants management team brings a vast array of experience to the company. A detailed resume of each member of the team can be seen in Appendix E. The management team has developed a strong trusting relationship among themselves and has a proven track record for working well together under stressful situations.

VP Operations – Debbie Bieneman
Debbie brings a wealth of managerial and operational experience to the TM team. She has served for over 15 years in the numerous leadership roles as a Supply Officer in the United States Navy. Her expertise in various logistical arenas is significant; she is a certified acquisition professional and a war-ranted contracting officer. Debbie will graduate from San Diego State University in May 1999 with a Master of Business Administration and earned her undergraduate in Finance. Her logistics and contracting experience will be of immense benefit to TM’s operations department.

VP Finance – Stacy Linder
Stacy Linder brings 8 years of financial experience with her to the organization. A graduate of Georgia Tech with a BS degree in Industrial Management, Stacy started her career in public accounting as an auditor for Bricker and Rooks, P.A., a regional accounting firm in the southeastern United States. After relocating to California, Stacy ha worked as an accountant or an internal auditor for the past 6 years. She has also owned and managed a successful entrepreneurial venture from her home for the past 5 years. She will graduate in May 1999 with a MSBA in Entrepreneurship from San Diego State University. She is also President of the Entrepreneur Society at San Diego State University. Her enthusiasm and endless energy along with her solid financial experience makes Stacy a key component to the success of TM.

VP Sales and Marketing – Toby Danylchuk
Toby brings considerable experience with direct marketing, telemarketing, database management, territory management, customer service, and outside sales to the TM team. He will be graduating from San Diego State University in May 1999 with an MBA. His leadership expertise has been utilized as the president of the Graduate Business Student Association at SDSU, the largest student organization on campus. His undergraduate degree is in Chemistry/Biochemistry from the University of California at San Diego. Before returning for his graduate degree in 1997, Toby worked for five years in a San Diego biotech firm. In addition to his work experience in sales and marketing, Toby brings to the table a strong skill set in finance and statistics.

Board of Directors
The TM Board of Directors will initially consist of the founding members of the company. When investment funding is obtained, the investor will also be part of the Board of Directors. The members of the board will be responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company. Compensation for members of the board will initially be deferred.

Board of Advisors
Time Merchants has asked several experienced professionals to act as an advisory board during the launch of the business concept. Members of the board of advisors have agreed to accept participation in TM’s beta test and an equity position in the company in lieu of any cash payments for their services. Each member of the board of advisors brings expertise in a key business area.

  • Mark Linder, Call Center Consultant
  • Jeffrey Balch, CPA, Sr. Manager Deloitte & Touche
  • Richard Brooks – Professor of Marketing and past President of Phillips Ramsey (San Diego).
  • Mel Epstein, President of Vision Communications
  • Gary Levine, Gary Levine and Associates, Risk Management Specialist
  • Joe Sullivan, Private Investor

Organizational Structure
Figure 4 – Proposed Organizational Structure

Time Merchants will be incorporated as a C corporation in the state of California. Each member of the management team has taken an equity position in the company.

Name Contribution # of Shares Pre-Investor % Post-Investor %
Debbie Bieneman $50,000 47,143 33.3% 22%
Toby Danylchuk $50,000 47,143 33.3% 22%
Stacy Linder $50,000 47,143 33.3% 22%
Board of Advisors 8,571 4%
Outside Investor $750,000 64,286 30%

Table 1 – Ownership Percentages

Time Merchants
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1. Executive Summary
2. Company Overview
3. Market Analysis
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Operational Strategy
6. Critical Risks
7. Management Team
8. Financial Plan
Gantt Chart
Promotional Plan
Cost Benefit Analysis
Market Research
Potential Service Providers
Staffing/Revenue Streams
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