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SanaSana – Business Description

Figure 1. SanaSana Vision Statement

We envision developing our consumers into informed, proactive users of health services. They will be empowered by current, customized information, products and services that our industry partners present. In turn, our industry partners will have opportunities to reach critical new markets through novel business relationships that reduce associated costs and increase potential revenues. By providing an interactive forum linking consumers and organizations, we promote the development of a highly improved health care system.

1.1 Marketplace Needs

SanaSana enables Hispanics to improve their health through both on- and off-line vehicles. We leverage five marketplace trends to fulfill both businesses’ and consumers’ unmet needs.

  • The Hispanic segment is growing faster than any other in the U.S.1, and their health indices differ from others’ (See Appendix A). For instance, Hispanics suffer more emphysema, hepatitis, hypertension, infant mortality, and teen pregnancy.2 As a whole, Hispanics desire more health information, products and services from payers, providers and suppliers of health information, products and services, but lack the access.
  • Hispanics are becoming more technologically savvy, and the need for Hispanic-specific information is expanding. This need includes both the use of Spanish and English languages and the incorporation of specific customs and cultures.
  • Internet-based information lacks quality control. Consumers-of any heritage-would benefit from a reliable and complete destination that promises the highest quality, most actionable information.
  • Internet-based health information, while abundant, does not meet healthcare needs at the level of the individual. Consumers seek current, personalized and easy-to-use information.
  • Many companies are trying to understand and reach the Hispanic population; they try new packaging, products and organizational structures to better meet Hispanics’ needs. The challenge going forward is to find innovative ways by which to communicate with this crucial consumer group.

1.1.1 Consumer Benefits
Our company’s success stems from its ability to offer personalized, accurate information while protecting our users’ confidentiality, thereby providing a convenient, trustworthy way to become informed and proactive about health. We offer:

  • Off- and On-line Community. We will partner with established community organizations to help educate Hispanics on their health and on the use of technology. For our online users, we will offer virtual support groups, chat rooms and email chains.
  • Tailored Portal. Our site will offer the traditional portal-type services like bulletin boards and searchable databases. Our differentiation comes from the ease of personalization and streamlined access to data. Through the registration process, consumers can personalize their news briefs, product updates, and HealthCapsulesTM.
  • Health CapsulesTM. The HealthCapsuleTM, SanaSana’s customized bilingual email newsletter, is our way of keeping SanaSana’s registered users up-to-date in their topics of interest. The information of interest to each SanaSana user will be summarized and sent to the user’s secure SanaSana mailbox with user-specified timing (default timing is weekly) and format.
  • Referrals. Our rating system asks consumers to report their healthcare-related experiences by recording their answers to the crucial question: “Would you recommend this product (or physician, hospital, procedure, insurance company, medication, etc.) to a friend or relative?”
  • Physician Interaction. Site users can correspond directly with their personal physicians (also registered site users) thereby increasing preventative health practices. Additionally, our staff doctors will be available to answer questions in Spanish or English via email and chat rooms. We will also have a physician go “live on the net” to answer questions, creating a human image users can relate to.
  • Privacy Protection. We understand that protecting the privacy of our users’ information maximizes the trust necessary to build relationships in this space. Our site enables consumers to establish pseudonyms, complete with an accompanying web-based email address hosted by SanaSana. By encouraging this high degree of anonymity and privacy protection, people will feel safe surfing our site for their healthcare needs without fear of releasing privileged or personal information.

1.1.2 Business Partner Benefits
By working with SanaSana, all of our industry partners-both health and non-health service companies, will benefit from increased access to a crucial population that will come to regard SanaSana as its most trusted source of health-related information. Allying with SanaSana will bring increased awareness and esteem for our industry partners. The specific services we will provide to our business partners include:

Figure 2. Business Gains Triad

Payers Providers Suppliers
Governmental Agencies and Insurance Companies

  • Reduction in unnecessary care
  • Increases in plan enrollees
Hospital Systems and Physicians

  • Application Service Provision
  • Inclusion in referral database
  • Complimentary web hosting with email address
Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods Companies

  • Access to clinical trial participants
  • Opportunities for targeted marketing and sampling campaign
  • New product pages
  • Online market research services. We will provide online focus group and survey services to improve our partners’ understanding of these different groups.
  • New product management tools. To facilitate our partners’ launches of new products, SanaSana will provide a space by which to communicate new product news. We will also serve as an intermediary for new product sampling programs and consumer feedback.
  • Office and practice management applications. SanaSana will offer application service provision (ASP). To our provider partners, we will provide use of office management tools and services. Other partners will be able to sell such services to our wide network of member physicians and hospitals.
  • Clinical trial participant referral. Through the registration process, consumers can opt-into clinical trials for new drugs and treatment regiments. We will match interested, appropriate consumers with relevant, well-designed studies.
  • Site sponsorship and targeted advertising. We will build long-term agreements with business partners by offering them the opportunity to sponsor our key content areas and display information to our registered users. Our staff will screen all information before final release.
  • Web hosting services. To facilitate and attract new physician partners, we will offer to host their practices’ web pages. Some capabilities we would include are online scheduling and children’s inoculation reminder service.

1.2 Entry Strategy Description

In order to provide consumer health information, SanaSana must form broad alliances.

  • Partnerships with key Hispanic doctors. The trusting relationship between physicians and patients comprises an essential ingredient for optimal medical care. To this end, SanaSana will identify and align itself closely with leading Spanish-speaking physicians in core cities. Having these doctors endorse and critique our service will allow us to provide a uniquely valuable product to Hispanic health consumers.
  • Alliance with key medical institutions. Several medical institutions and societies specifically serve the Hispanic community. Professional organizations, like the National Hispanic Medical Association (NHMA) and the Association of Hispanic Nurses, can help us to establish deep community ties and enhance our credibility. We are currently discussing alliance opportunities with the NHMA.
  • Alliance with existing Internet vehicles. Several large Spanish-language “portals” offer links to Spanish-language medical sites, but these sites lack consistent quality and reliable usefulness. Because of their large user base, portals like Yupi and Starmedia represent important alliance partners for SanaSana, allowing rapid capture of a high proportion of Hispanics online.

1.3 Barriers to Entry

SanaSana’s barriers to entry originate from two sources: its content and community.

  • Content. There exists little health information translated for Hispanics and written for non-physicians. Thus, SanaSana’s library of understandable, Spanish language health information and novel, proprietary HealthCapsulesTM represent a barrier to entry and revenue potential.
  • Community. In order to ensure success, SanaSana must create a vibrant community between medical institutions, prominent Hispanic doctors, technology and Hispanic consumers. Once established, these relationships and this community will serve as potent barriers to entry. Because of first-mover advantage and our contacts within medical institutions and others in the industry, we are well positioned to create this barrier.

Figure 3. Barriers to Entry

Community Content
Prominent, concerned physicians Proprietary, novel HealthCapsulesTM
Community based computer terminals Consistently current, reliably accurate
Physician office presence Easily understandable and useful
Industry relationships and contacts English, Spanish and Portuguese

1.4 Growth Opportunities Beyond the U.S.

With initial success in the U.S., we will then expand internationally. Our extraordinary opportunities for expansion come from three key areas. See Appendix B for details.

  • Leveraging the reputation and relationships from a successful U.S. launch
  • Launching SanaSana in Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries
  • Scaling the SanaSana “information-transformation-engine” into non-Spanish-speaking countries

Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Business Description
2. Market Analysis
3. Management Team
4. Operating Strategies
5. Financial Projections
6. Business Risks
Health Demographics
Future Business Offerings
Competitive Landscape
Internet Usage and Penetration
Technical Infrastructure Implementation
Detailed Financial Statements
All information herein is confidential and belongs to SanaSana.

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