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SanaSana – Executive Summary

Management Team

M. Elizabeth Barton, Customer Experience
Ms. Barton brings accomplishments from such companies as Booz Allen & Hamilton and The Procter & Gamble Co., with expertise in consulting, finance, marketing and technology. In addition, she recently designed and oversaw implementation of the corporate intranet of a nationwide grocery wholesaler. Ms. Barton earned with High Honors a BA in International Studies and BS in Business Administration from the University of Missouri. She anticipates getting her MBA with Distinction in April 2000 from the University of Michigan.

Carlos R. De Jesus, Marketing
Mr. De Jesus boasts a history of achievement in marketing, operations and management, as shown by awards, sales growth and rapid advancement at Frito Lay, Co. prior to his return to school. In addition, he recently led the development and execution at The Procter & Gamble Co. of an e-commerce program. Mr. De Jesus earned a BS in Business Administration from Florida State University. He anticipates getting his MBA with High Distinction in April 2000 from the University of Michigan.

Adam W. Farkas, MD, Technology
From founding his own dial-up internet service to leading the American Medical Student Association Task Force on Computers in Medicine, Dr. Farkas brings both depth and breadth of technology-related experience to his role. Most recently he formulated on behalf of Cerner Corporation a strategic plan for a line of internet-based consumer healthcare software products. Dr. Farkas earned a BS in Psychobiology (summa cum laude) from SUNY Binghamton and an MD from the University of Michigan. He anticipates getting his MBA with Distinction in April 2000 from the University of Michigan.

Ricardo Fernandez, Business Development
Mr. Fernandez has won numerous awards and received regular advancement throughout his career. While managing financial analysis and reporting for the E-commerce Department at Citibank Universal Card Services, he coordinated the development of business cases for internet-related investments. In addition, he recentiy helped KeyBank U.S.A realize $2 million in annual savings through improved processes in their loan operations. Mr. Fernandez earned from the University of Florida a BS in Finance and Economics with Highest Honors. He anticipates getting his MBA with High Distinction in April 2000 from the University of Michigan.


SanaSana comprises a B2B2C solution that provides an efficient, mutually beneficial partnership between Hispanic consumers of health care and the businesses-payers, providers and suppliers of health services and non-health related companies alike-which would like to serve them. Once established in the U.S., SanaSana will expand abroad, where native Spanish-speakers desire access to medical knowledge. Our concept stems from our founders’ realization of five marketplace trends:

  • The Hispanic segment is currently growing faster than and their health needs differ from those of other ethnicities.
  • Hispanics are becoming more technologically savvy and want more Hispanic-specific. information.
  • Internet-based information in general, and health care in particular, lacks quality control.
  • Internet-based health information, while abundant, lacks currency, personalization and impact.
  • Many companies are trying to understand and reach the Hispanic population.

Consumer Benefits. Consumers gain a convenient way to become informed users of health services while protecting their confidentiality through at least four features:

  • Off- and On-line Community, which features personalized email responders, support groups, chat rooms and partnerships with community groups-such as those in churches, hospitals and libraries.
  • HealthCapsulesTM which provide customizable updates via our proprietary email newsletters.
  • Referrals, which report consumer recommendations on health care products and services.
  • Privacy Protection, which we consider the cornerstone of a viable relationship among our partners.

Business Partner Benefits. By working with SanaSana, business partners benefit from increased access to a growing population that will come to regard SanaSana as its most trusted source of health related information. Other specific services include:

  • Online market research, which improves our partners’ understanding of Hispanics’ preferences.
  • New product management tools, which facilitate our partners’ launches of new products.
  • Office and practice management applications, to allow outsourcing of non-medical related tasks to fellow alliance partners to enhance revenue and reduce costs.
  • Web hosting services, which offer hosting of web pages with online scheduling for physician partners.

SanaSana creates barriers to entry that stem from two sources: its content and community.

  • Content. There exists little health information translated for Hispanics and written for nonphysicians. Thus, SanaSana’s library of understandable, Spanish language health information and novel, proprietary HealthCapsulesTM represent a barrier to entry and a source of revenue.
  • Community. To ensure success, SanaSana will create a vibrant community between medical institutions, prominent Hispanic doctors, technology and Hispanic consumers. Because of first-mover advantage and our contacts within medical institutions and in industry, we are well positioned to create this barrier.

The management team consists of friends who share one another’s dreams and passions to drive SanaSana forward. For instance, Carlos De Jesus, Ricardo Fernandez, and Brian Khoury are Hispanic and see SanaSana as a way to give back to their community. Adam Farkas and Hyung Kim are physicians and see SanaSana as a way to extend their impact with an under-served, important population. Combined, the founders have over 50 years of direct experience in general management, e-commerce, finance, marketing, medicine, and operations. Each also stands poised to earn an MBA with Distinction from the University of Michigan Business School. In addition, the strength of the team gains fortifications from its working well together and commitment to bringing SanaSana to fruition.

(In thousands) Startup Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Sponsorships $0 $1,440 $3,840 $7,560 $13,920 $23,400
Product Development Services $0 $3,663 $5,598 $8,192 $12,267 $17,808
Research Studies & Commerce $0 $1,265 $2,619 $4,455 $7,201 $12,237
Advertising $0 $832 $1,927 $3,101 $5,011 $8,125
Total $0 $7,200 $13,984 $23,307 $38,399 $61,569
Content Development $406 $372 $1,224 $2,322 $3,526 $5,044
Operations $231 $1,203 $1,444 $1,788 $2,177 $2,716
Marketing $220 $12,110 $10,129 $14,018 $18,777 $25,129
G&A $1,065 $2,359 $2,716 $3,078 $3,496 $3,977
Total $1,922 $16,044 $15,514 $21,206 $27,976 $36,866
EBT ($1,922) ($8,844) ($1,529) $2,101 $10,423 $24,703
INFLATED EBT (3% per year) ($1,922) ($9,110) ($1,622) $2,296 $11,731 $28,637
Taxes (Assumes 35% tax rate) ($673) ($3,188) ($568) $804 $4,106 $10,023
NET EARNINGS $1,249 $5,921 $1,055 $1,493 $7,625 $18,614

In order to launch SanaSana, we are seeking a first round investment of $2 Million, which will allow SanaSana to continue through the first 4 months of operations.


SanaSana faces certain risks inherent to e-business in general and Health care in particular.

Financial Risks. Our quarterly revenues and operating results are difficult to predict and may fluctuate significantly from quarter to quarter as a result of a variety of factors. Among these factors are:

  • Changes in our own or competitors’ pricing policies
  • Fluctuations in expected revenues from advertisers, sponsors and strategic relationships
  • Timing of costs related to acquisitions or payments.

Legislative / Legal Landscape. Our participation in the health care arena presents unique risks:

  • Malpractice and other related liability
  • Federal and State regulations on privacy, insurance and the practice of medicine
  • Storage, transmission and disclosure of medical information and healthcare records

Operational Risks. To attract and retain users to the SanaSana community, we must continue to provide unique and informative content. This confers certain risks including the failure to:

  • Anticipate and respond to consumer preferences for content, partnerships and service
  • Attract, excite and retain a large audience of users to the SanaSana community
  • Create and maintain successful strategic alliances with high quality partners
  • Deliver high quality, “24/7” customer service and web site performance
  • Build the SanaSana brand rapidly and substantially
  • Compete effectively against better-established Internet health companies, such as DrKoop or webMD

Two potential exit strategies exist for the investor:

  • Initial Public Offering. We seek to go public within 3 years of operations. The funds used will both help create liquidity for investors as well as allow for additional capital to develop our international strategy.
  • Acquisition Merger with Private or Public Company. Several web-sites are targeting our consumers; however, they lack the components of our site. Value has been created through novel content creation as well as partnering with groups such as The National Hispanic Medical Assn. The content and the eyeballs bring value to the Hispanic Portals such as StarMedia as well as developing iMedia aspects of television networks such as Univision and TeleMundo.

Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Business Description
2. Market Analysis
3. Management Team
4. Operating Strategies
5. Financial Projections
6. Business Risks
Health Demographics
Future Business Offerings
Competitive Landscape
Internet Usage and Penetration
Technical Infrastructure Implementation
Detailed Financial Statements
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