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ProTrax – Management

The four partners of ProTrax, Carolyn Kahn, Sabeena Saleh, Vincent Tam, and Felix Tam, are skilled and experienced in both business and computer services (See Exhibit 4 Resumes of Management Team, p22). Ms. Kahn, Ms. Saleh and Mr. Vincent Tam will have completed their Master of Business Administration from McGill University in April of 1997. Mr. Vincent Tam and Mr. Felix Tam are experienced physical therapists with B.Sc. P.T. degrees from McGill University. Mr. Felix Tam is a professional Webmaster, a designer of web sites, and has worked extensively in the design of web sites for large corporations and universities. Ms. Saleh brings financial and accounting experience to the team with a B.Com degree from McGill University. She has held finance positions at Unilever Pakistan and Engro Chemicals. Ms. Kahn is an entrepreneur with expertise in launching new products, logistics and operational management. She has served as a consultant to numerous companies, including DRI/McGraw-Hill, Industrial Economics, Inc., Jack Morton Productions and American House.

Mr. Vincent Tam will be the director of HealthWanted. Mr. Felix Tam will serve as Webmaster, and will be responsible for all technical concerns. Ms. Kahn will focus on sales and marketing. Ms. Saleh will provide financial and accounting services. (See Exhibit 5 Organizational Chart, p26)

With growth of our customer base as well as expansion into other professions, the structure of ProTrax will be modified correspondingly to adapt to the new needs of the organization. The introduction of the education division will be accompanied by reorganization of Marketing and Sales, Finance and Accounting as well as Customer Service functions. Because of the potential economies of scale in terms of advertising costs, some degree of overlap will exist between the Marketing and Sales departments of the two divisions. Customer Service, on the other hand, will be operated independently of each other as little synergy will exist between the staff in the two divisions — staff in the customer service departments will need to be highly specialized in order to respond effectively to clients’ needs. Finally, Finance and Accounting functions can be shared in order to reduce duplication and minimize costs. (See Exhibit 6 Managing the Functional Areas Across Divisions, p27)

Board of Advisors
Several experienced business and community members have also agreed to serve as advisors for ProTrax.

Mr. Tingot Ngan is a successful founder and manager of a computer products and services businesses in the Montreal area. His company also provides Internet services and network consulting. Mr. Ngan also has experience as a consultant with Bell Canada, providing computer and communications services to large and small businesses.

Dr. Anne Hale is a professor at the Faculty of Management of McGill University and specializes in marketing and launching new ventures. She has 8 years of business experience in the oil & gas industry in Texas, and is actively involved in both executive education at McGill University, as well as private consulting.

Ms. Sharon Gillean has both entrepreneurial and corporate marketing as well as sales management experience. She has built several companies from scratch, and been a middle manager in an American-owned firm. In addition, she has managed a national sales force, and been a VP of marketing for a large, national Canadian firm. Today, Ms. Gillean teaches several applied marketing courses at McGill University, in addition to marketing consulting and sales motivation and training programs for her varied commercial clients.

Mr. Michael Kenwood will serve as chief legal counsel specializing in computer law and provide legal expertise to our company. He has held the position of Advanced Technology Specialist at Elcom International, Network Manager at Brandeis University and Computer Consultant at Scudder, Stevens and Clark. He has also acted as a consultant on both legal and computer-related issues.

Mr. Ian Van C. McLachlin is a Faculty Lecturer at The Dobson Center for Entrepreneurial Studies of the Faculty of Management at McGill University. He has worked in the Canadian Investment Banking industry for 25 years, with corporate finance experience in Canada, the US and Europe. Although he has completed equity and debt issues for a wide range of public and private corporations in many industries, his specialties are small and medium size companies and venture capital.

Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. Market Opportunity
3. Competition
4. Positioning Strategy
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Operational Plan
7. Management
8. Financial Statements
9. Future Growth
Schedule of Operations
Resumes of Management
Forecasting Market Share
Cash Flow
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
All information herein is confidential and belongs to ProTrax.

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