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 ProTrax – Operational Plan

Product Development
In addition to HealthWanted, we plan to launch a second service targeted towards recruiters of university and college professors in Year 3 of operations. We have already conducted market research on our target market; our mail survey has thus far received a 31% response rate. Preliminary analysis of these results are encouraging (Exhibit 2 Questionnaire to Universities, p19). We will continue to evaluate incoming results, as well as search for other expansion opportunities.

Service and Support
Any questions or concerns will be addressed promptly. Our distinctive quality is flexibility and responsiveness to our clients’ needs, and we will work to ensure complete client satisfaction. As ProTrax grows larger, we will create a customer service center to manage client relationships. Staff at all levels from webmaster to sales staff will be accountable for client satisfaction.

The sales force will perform periodic follow-up calls to clients to ensure satisfaction, as well as to build a strong working relationship with the client. A brief questionnaire will be provided to past clients who no longer register with ProTrax. This will enable the management team to identify customer needs, improve services to fit these needs and continually monitor the company’s performance from recruiters’ perspectives.

In anticipation of the tremendous growth, we will continue to hire additional staff to meet increasing demands. One new sales person will be hired beginning in the sixth month of operations, with additional new hires in Year 2. In Year 3, with the introduction of the education service, two new sales staff will be hired in order to recruit clients. The sales staff for the two divisions will specialize in a professional areas and develop industry expertise for optimal client service.

Additional web-site programmers will also be necessary to handle the increasing workload. The fulltime designer works a total of 160 hours per month. Given an average of 10 hours for design of a complete web-site, and an average of 30 minutes per month for updates and site maintenance for existing clients, new programmers will be required very rapidly. Because of the cyclicality of recruiting activities, contract programmers will be utilized in order to minimize costs and financial risk to our company. The Montreal area is host to four major universities, each with strong technology and computer programs. The student population from these universities provides readily available, highly qualified contract programmers.

Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. Market Opportunity
3. Competition
4. Positioning Strategy
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Operational Plan
7. Management
8. Financial Statements
9. Future Growth
Schedule of Operations
Resumes of Management
Forecasting Market Share
Cash Flow
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
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