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 ProTrax – Marketing Strategy

Our company will offer several different service options for clients. All job description pages will be a standardized format in order to facilitate ease of comparison by job-seekers. The sites will be updated and maintained daily. Clients can submit photos, descriptions, video clips or anything else that will enhance the image of their facility. These materials then can be integrated into their web page design. Draft pages can be sent electronically or by courier to be reviewed by the client. Any necessary changes will be made prior to publication on the Internet. A standard package will include the job description page as well as pages containing information on the facility and the employer. A second option includes pages offered by the standard package, but also provides web-site design, advertisement consultation and storage services.

HealthWanted will also provide a means for interested candidates to submit their application immediately to recruiters. These will be received by HealthWanted, and forwarded to the appropriate facilities. The recruiters can measure the effectiveness of their advertisement by the number of applications they receive from HealthWanted.

Our pricing plan is divided into two components: (1) the construction and storage of a client’s web site and (2) the advertisement of a job position. The construction and storage component bundles the services offered and the prices charged. ProTrax will charge $510 for the design of a web site and its storage for a year. This price assumes a three page web site. Additional pages will cost $50 per page. These prices are on par with the market value for web site construction and storage. For the advertising component, our price is $95 per position per week. Average weekly prices in professional journals range from $75 – $317 for a 1/8 page ad and $350 to $635 for a full page one. TherapyNet charges $150 to post five positions for a one-month period, but offers a lower quality service with little flexibility. More general Internet employment services charge $5 per listing, but the quality of these are comparable to the Help Wanted pages of a local newspaper. Our quality pricing strategy for advertisements reflect our unprecedented level of customer service. We set our price based on the cost of a full page journal advertisement because each position on HealthWanted will comprise an entire page. However, one journal advertisement can easily advertise for several positions, while our advertisements will each consist of only one position.

With a price of $95.00 per listing, and given a contribution margin of 85%, results in a required breakeven in sales of $302,000 in the first year.

Marketing Communications
We will use direct mailing as well as personal selling to gain customers in our first year. This will enable us to establish direct contact between our company and our target market. We will distribute brochures to hospitals and health care agencies in the United States and Canada. These will provide an initial explanation of our HealthWanted web site and the related Internet services that we offer. After first mailing, we will have separate databases for existing and prospective customers. We will also keep track of all marketing initiatives targeted to these groups. This will allow us to continuously monitor and measure the effectiveness of our direct mail campaign.

To follow up on the direct mailings, we will phone the recruiters. Those clients who represent major health care provider chains as well as recruiters who display interest in our product will receive priority in our on-site visits. These visits allow us to personally demonstrate our product and services, answer any questions and establish and maintain an on-going relationship with these potential customers.

At the same time, we will advertise to physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, and medical students in school newspapers, through career centers and at job fairs. We will first target students at those schools with the most well known programs. These students are the most sought after by employers and, therefore, this strategy will heighten recruiters’ interest in advertising in HealthWanted. Hence, we will effect a demand pull from the student population which will increase our exposure to end users. Personal selling will enable us to line up and contract with clients and gain awareness among students, without immediately and directly alerting potential competitors.

In the second year of operations, we will work to increase the market penetration. We will advertise HealthWanted in wide circulation magazines and trade journals in addition to continuing our previous selling and advertising strategies. The frequency and intensity of our ads will peak during the months of October, November, March and April when employees spend the most amount of time, effort and resources seeking qualified candidates to interview for prospective positions. This national advertising campaign will enhance brand awareness for HealthWanted to both graduating students as well as mobile professionals.

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1. The Company
2. Market Opportunity
3. Competition
4. Positioning Strategy
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Operational Plan
7. Management
8. Financial Statements
9. Future Growth
Schedule of Operations
Resumes of Management
Forecasting Market Share
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Balance Sheet
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