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 ProTrax – Positioning Strategy

Our Internet service provides several advantages over our competition. Our service is designed to uniquely meet the needs of our customers, the recruiters, as wen as our end-users, the job-seekers. We are completely customized to meet the wants and needs of our customers in terms of what we offer, when we offer it and how we offer it. HealthWanted’s effective reach is far superior to any other source because it reaches the largest percentage of our target market. Our recruitment ads will attract specifically those individuals for whom they were designed, unlike our competition which targets a larger audience, resulting in wasted reach. Since we are more focused than our competitors, we are able to provide a higher quality service at a lower price. Unlike print ads, our advertisements are never thrown away by end-users and can be conveniently and instantly retrieved. Thus, our service provides complete value throughout the entire billing period. Customers can design their own web sites according to their requirements. The publication of advertisements on HealthWanted begins and ends according to our customers’ precise requirements and needs. Once a recruiter fills a position, we can immediately remove this position from the advertisement so that the recruiter will no longer receive calls pertaining to this already-filled position. Similarly, as soon as the need for a new position arises, we have the ability to immediately advertise this. There is virtually no lead time to making changes on already existing advertisements, and we guarantee that these changes will be made within 24 hours. On a day-to-day basis, our advertising service is cheaper than others. We bill on a weekly, rather than a monthly, basis to give our customers extra flexibility and can provide our customers with a detailed billing summary at either the facility or individual department level. Unlike any existing competitor, our service has the ability to react immediately to changing customer needs. HealthWanted is tailored to our customers’ exact demands.

The positioning maps below illustrate HealthWanted’s high flexibility and effective reach, as well as low cost and short lead-time relative to the competition.

We are, however, aware of our inability to create sustainable barriers to entry. In anticipation of competition, we intend to build a loyal client base as soon as we enter the market. Our strategy will be rapid market penetration to maximize market share prior to the entrance of competition.

15 Camera-ready typesetting and layout cost an additional $150.

Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. Market Opportunity
3. Competition
4. Positioning Strategy
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Operational Plan
7. Management
8. Financial Statements
9. Future Growth
Schedule of Operations
Resumes of Management
Forecasting Market Share
Cash Flow
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
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