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ProTrax – The Company

ProTrax Incorporated1 is founded to provide a centralized medium for the recruitment of professional staff. We will provide advertisement services to recruiters that will effectively and efficiently reach their targeted audiences. The company is founded by four partners — Carolyn Kahn, Sabeena Saleh, Vincent Tam and Felix Tam, all of whom have business and Internet-related expertise. ProTrax. is in the process of incorporating and will be headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

ProTrax will launch HealthWanted2 in July 1997. HealthWanted is a comprehensive Internet web-site dedicated to recruitment advertising for health care facilities searching for qualified health care professionals. Two of the firm’s founders, Mr. Vincent Tam and Mr. Felix Tam, conceived the idea of HealthWanted as a result of their own job-search experience as qualified mobile medical professionals. Their understanding of the market will make HealthWanted completely geared and tailored towards its intended market. ProTrax will launch other services, starting in year 3, for other professions, including educational faculty and professors.

The Services

We will provide a medium for recruitment advertising that is priced competitively against traditional print media. Our advertisements will reach their target audience more effectively, while increasing accessibility to international audiences. Each service offers a comprehensive web-site which will provide the following: a listing of positions available for employment, detailed job descriptions, information about the facility, details of the benefits package, city facts and links to local chambers of commerce, real estate agents and local attractions. This interactive approach provides much more information than is possible with print media, and at a fraction of the cost of on-site recruitment visits. From the point of view of job-seekers, it provides a wide variety of essential information, in an environment in which they can browse at their own leisure without feeling any pressure. It also relieves recruiters of the expense and often tedious tasks of gathering and providing the same information to many different candidates.

With the extensive information provided by our web site, job-seekers can better evaluate the suitability of the positions to their lifestyles. They will better understand their own preferences prior to initiating a formal application process. This will serve to limit the applicants to those who are genuinely interested in pursuing employment for each specific position.

In addition to listing employment openings, ProTrax will provide web-page design and storage services. Our company’s experienced web authors will act as consultants to assist organizations in the design, layout, and implementation of their own customized pages. The web pages can be stored on ProTrax’s server.

Current Status

Currently, our company is in the process of incorporating and has trademarks pending for ProTrax and HealthWanted in both the U.S. and Canada. Our business plan is one of few that has been accepted by the Business Development Bank of Canada for presentation to local and institutional investors on April 9, 1997. We have registered our website addresses as and Our Internet web-site has been developed, and many clients have already expressed interest in listing their employment openings on HealthWanted. Presently, we are developing a large base of recruiters who are interested in subscribing to HealthWanted. When we launch in July 1997, we will have already have gained a critical mass of advertisers. This will ensure a positive image for our site, avoiding the impression that our site contains only a limited number of job opportunities. We believe that once the web-site is launched, interest will spread throughout the medical community.

1 Trademark pending in the United States and Canada.
2 Trademark pending in the United States and Canada.

Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. Market Opportunity
3. Competition
4. Positioning Strategy
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Operational Plan
7. Management
8. Financial Statements
9. Future Growth
Schedule of Operations
Resumes of Management
Forecasting Market Share
Cash Flow
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
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