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 Walking Peru – Organization

Walking Peru will be organized as an open stock corporation. Initially, operations zones will only offer Airwalk services but the array of services will be gradually expanded. Likewise, other operations zones may be defined later including their respective points of sale. A network organization will give support to future expansion. A description of responsibilities follows.

General and Financial Manager. Acting on behalf of the company, the GFM will define company policies and goals. By implementing the corporate strategic plan, the GFM will aim at reaching the goals derived envisioned in the company’s mission statement. The position will be filled by one of the corporation’s partners.

Operations and Logistics. Charged with preparing and monitoring the process diagram for each business line, and with maintaining quality standards. On the basis of marketing area projections and capacity to finance investments, Operations and Logistics will schedule and plan operations and purchases to better serve customer flows. Personnel selection and evaluation are also performed by this unit, headed by a company partner.

Marketing. Will identify target markets and each new business line’s potential. Institutional and line promotion campaigns fall within its assigned tasks as well as pricing strategies and media advertising campaigns together with the corresponding budgets. This position will be filled by one of the partners.

Line supervisor. A fine technical expert. Airwalk: Hang glider Excursions will be supervised by Franz Schilter who broke the world’s long distance hang glider record in Chile in 1995. The fine supervisor’s functions include equipment, materials and inputs programming at each service location; supplier identification, flight instructor evaluation, and assistant technical expertise assessment. The Line Supervisor is hired as an independent professional and reports to Operations.

Secretary. Experience required.

Operations Area Head. Monitors sales at sales points, schedules pre-sold package flights, schedules local tours and purchases supplies for daily consumption. The OAH reports to Finance.

Flight Instructors. Charged with actually delivering the flight service to customers, flight instructors will be selected among applicants from European hang gliding schools as independent professionals on renewable six-month contracts. Instructors report to their respective Operations Zone Heads.

Flight Assistants. Are responsible for flight equipment conditioning and preparation, helping clients with their flight tackle, assist in take off and landing, and charge for services rendered. They report their accounts daily to the Zone Head. Eleven assistants will be on the company payroll (type 1) and eight will be hired under the Youth Training Program (type 2).

Walking Peru
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Product Concept
2. Tourism Industry
3. Market Analysis
4. Competitive Advantages
5. Products
6. Marketing Plan
7. Operations
8. Organization
9. Financial Results
Perus’s tourist calendar
Survey and Results
Operations schedule
Investment budget
Capacity expansion
Revenues first year
Most likely scenario
Contingency scenario
All information herein is confidential and belongs to Walking Peru.

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