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Walking Peru – Operations

The following materials are needed:

  • A hang glider or tandem engine including wings, suspension cords, harnesses, chairs and engine (if required). See appendix 8. A reduced weight device, gliders can take off and land aided only by the pilot.
  • A cable drag reel. Mounted on a vehicle moving at constant speed, the reel provides stable pull to ensure glider rise. Altitude performance is 1/3 of the unwound cable’s length.
  • Safety parachute. A 6G standard safety margin is equivalent to a weight six times the suspended load. An emergency umbrella is provided in the form of a maneuverable square parachute capable of taking the glider to appropriate landing ground.
  • Flight improvement instruments. We chose a Flytec 4010 device with two altimeters, a barometer, a variometer, an anemometer, a thermometer, a stop watch and memories.
  • Integral model helmets. Classic shaped helmets will provide full face protection.

Additionally, four wheel drive pick-up trucks will provide reel traction and facilitate client and gear transportation.

Flight scheduling
Programming was based on expected glider performance and number of work days during the first year to obtain the number of flights in each operations area. A summary appears in the following table. Appendix 9 includes a detailed analysis.

Operations Area
Items Cuzco Lima Ancash Ica Total
Flights 19,422 12,666 7,944 7,506 47,538
Engines 0 8 0 3 11
Hang gliders 6 0 2 0 8
Instructors 6 8 2 3 19
Assistants 6 8 2 3 19

Walking Peru
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Product Concept
2. Tourism Industry
3. Market Analysis
4. Competitive Advantages
5. Products
6. Marketing Plan
7. Operations
8. Organization
9. Financial Results
Perus’s tourist calendar
Survey and Results
Operations schedule
Investment budget
Capacity expansion
Revenues first year
Most likely scenario
Contingency scenario
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