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 Mindshaker РInitial Programs

Exhibit 1 – Mindshaker’s Initial 20 Graduate Programs

School Graduate Professional Enrollment
Harvard 8,200
Stanford 7,500
Yale 5,500
Northwestern 6,100
Duke University 3,500
University of California at Los Angeles 9,700
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 8,700
University of Chicago 6,300
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5,500
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor 0,200
Vanderbilt University 4,400
John’s Hopkins University 1,300
Cornell University 5,900
University of Pennsylvania 10,400
University of Texas at Austin 11,000
Princeton University 2,100
Carnegie Mellon University 2,700
University of Washington 9,400
California University of Technology 1,000
University of California at Berkeley 8,700
Total 131,100

Sources: US News & World Report and University Web sites

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Initial Programs
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Competitor Analysis
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