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 Mindshaker – Management

The combined talent, unique experiences, and commitment of the four partners Elise Brown, Jonathan Hudson, Shannon Springston, and John Stump provide a solid foundation for Mindshaker (See management biographies in Exhibit 4). As graduate students they have a unique insight into the needs and wants of fellow graduate and professional students across the country.

The four partners will have equal equity stakes in Mindshaker. While the majority of decision-making will be made collectively among the partners and board of directors, the CEO will ultimately be responsible for the leadership and obligations of the firm. The partners will each maintain full time positions in other companies. Partners will work full time during the summer of 1999. Beginning in September of 1999, partners will contribute up to ten hours a week on an as needed basis.

John Stump will hold the position of Chief Executive Officer. He will be in charge of web site development and management, and business development. Elise Brown will be the Chief Financial Officer. She will be responsible for monitoring financial results, identifying key strategic ventures, and maintaining cost information. Jonathan Hudson will be the Chief Operating Officer. He will be responsible for supply chain and inventory management. Shannon Springston will be the Director of Sales and Marketing. She will be responsible for customer service and sales and marketing force management.

The Mindshaker Board of Directors consists of six highly distinguished members of the academic and business community. These individuals are critical to the success of Mindshaker:

  • Michael Fox – General Manager, Information Services Division – Interpath Communications
  • Dr. Matthew Heric – Chairman and CEO, International Association of Virtual Organizations
  • Dr. Jay Klompmaker – Professor (Marketing-Pricing), Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Jill Newbold – President, Newbold Marketing Solutions
  • Dr. Albert Segars – Professor (Information Technology), Kenan-Flagler Business School

(See Exhibit 5 for complete biographies of Mindshaker Board of Directors)

Company Structure and Ownership
Mindshaker will be Incorporated as a limited liability corporation within the state of Delaware. One million shares will be authorized. Initial distribution of the shares will be John Stump 50,000 shares, Elise Brown 50,000 shares, Shannon Springston 50,000 shares, and Jonathan Hudson 50,000 shares. Options will be made available to management for future incentives.

Table of Contents Appendices
1. Executive Summary
2. Market Analysis
3. Company Description
4. Marketing & Sales
5. Products & Services
6. Operations
7. Management
8. Financials
Initial Programs
Industry Analysis
Management Biographies
Board CV Summaries
Valuation Analysis
Balance Sheets
Income Statements
Competitor Analysis
All information herein is confidential and belongs to Mindshaker

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