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Mindshaker – Company Description


Long lines, lack of availability, and high costs are just some of the inconveniences facing graduate students during the textbook buying process. Mindshaker plans to solve these problems for graduate students by providing an online customized shopping alternative at Mindshaker will offer students traditional textbooks, course syllabi, study aids, chat rooms, job search information, and much, much more. For graduate faculty, Mindshaker will offer a library of academic and business cases, learning simulations, teaching games, chat rooms, academic publication posting opportunities, and the latest in educational innovations.

Currently there are very few options for graduate students and professors to obtain innovative and value added educational tools and services. Those that are available do not provide students with the ease of ordering that Mindshaker promises.

The company will consolidate the complete booklists from universities and colleges on its customized web site. As a result, students will be able to search easily for their textbooks by concentration, course number or name, or professor and purchase their books without ever setting foot in their college bookstore. Bundled textbook packages will also be available for core curriculum programs, such as the first year of law or medical school. In addition, course syllabi will be posted next to each course listing for both student and faculty review.

Mindshaker plans to hire a relationship manager to handle both corporate and academic contacts. The individual will be responsible for creating alliances with individuals and companies to increase Mindshaker product offerings. In addition, the relationship manager will be in constant contact with these key constituents in order for Mindshaker to continue to offer products and services that meet the needs of its customers. (See Exhibit 2)

Table of Contents Appendices
1. Executive Summary
2. Market Analysis
3. Company Description
4. Marketing & Sales
5. Products & Services
6. Operations
7. Management
8. Financials
Initial Programs
Industry Analysis
Management Biographies
Board CV Summaries
Valuation Analysis
Balance Sheets
Income Statements
Competitor Analysis
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