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 Independence Marine – Management

Management Team

Our management team is strongly qualified to set up and run the assembly operations as well as the subcontracting arrangements. The founding team has over 35 years of direct manufacturing, design, management, sales and management experience at various sized companies, including both private and publicly traded firms. This experience, combined with professional training in the Masters of Management in Manufacturing program at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, brings an enormous amount of manufacturing and management talent to the company and represents a distinctive competence of Independence Marine.

Mr. Tower brings 6 years of experience as a manager and partner at NIMROD Press in Boston, MA. Mr. Hagey brings over 10 years experience as a product development engineer at Hewlett Packard. Mr. Hagedorn has over 10 years of manufacturing and operations management experience. His most recent assignment is as the General Manager of Imaging Services with Bell & Howell’s Document Management Products Company. Mr. Hattery brings 8 years of experience in product design and manufacturing engineering at General Motors. In addition, Mr. Hattery is attending the MMM program as a GM Fellow. Mr. Zant participated in manufacturing and design functions in the aerospace industry for three years prior to attending the MMM program at Northwestern University and has been named Manufacturing Program Manager for the Harper-Wyman Division of Oak Industries.

Both Mr. Tower and Mr. Hagey will be compensated for expenses incurred during the first year of operations. After the product launch market rate salaries will be arranged. Both will receive equity incentives based on Independence Marine’s performance in terms of both profit and capital investment utilization.

In addition to the expertise provided by the founders, Independence Marine has strong accounting advice being provided by Bala V. Balachandran, Ph.D., Accounting Center Director at the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, who has agreed to serve on our Board of Directors. We anticipate that further financial advice will be available from both Dr. Balachandran, as well as from an appropriate select group of our investors, as needed.

An Advisory Board is also being formed with the goal of providing Independence Marine with access to new product ideas, additional market information and feedback, as well as, serving as a source of technical and behavioral information.

With this combination of experts in management, manufacturing, accounting, finance, sales, technology and aquatic mammal behavior, Independence Marine is in a unique and unequaled position to capitalize upon the market need that is emerging at this very moment.

In summary, the management team at Independence Marine includes:

Caleb Tower, Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer

John Hagey, Director, Vice President of Product Development

The Board of Directors, in addition to the management team includes:

Bala V. Balachandran, Outside Director, Accounting Center Director, KGSM

Frederick H Hagedorn, Founder

John C. Hattery Jr., Founder

Thomas E. Zant, Founder

Outside Director(s), selected by key investors.

The following Board of Technical and Industry Advisors is being recruited:

Glenn Etchegary, Fishery Consultant, Center for Fisheries Innovation, St. Johns, NFLD

John Guzzwell, Acoustical Engineer, Centre for Cold Ocean Resource, Engineering Memorial University, St. Johns, NFLD

Jon Lien, Ph.D., Animal Behaviorist, Whale Research Center, Memorial University, St. Johns, NFLD

Bill Perrin, Marine Mammologist, SW Fisheries Ctr., La Jolla, CA

Tim Smith, Marine Mammal Manager, NMFS-NE, Wood’s Hole, MA

Ron Smolowitz, Fishing Gear Designer and Consultant, Wood’s Hole, MA

Independence Marine
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. Product Description
2. Market Need
3. Marketing
4. Future Opportunities
5. Operations
6. Management
7. Financial Overview
Market Analysis
Advertising & Promotion
Buyer Behavior
Market Size & Profits
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