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JetFan – Executive Summary

JetFan Technology Limited (JetFan Ltd) has been established to develop and market commercial applications for an innovative fan impeller (“fan blade”) technology – the JetFanTm. Several market applications have been identified for the new technology, including compact electronic equipment cooling; heating, ventilation and cooling; and domestic appliances. The chosen launch market is the compact electronic equipment cooling segment.

This plan establishes a platform to commercialize the impeller technology in the global market by seeking strategic alliances with leading fan manufacturers in the compact electronic equipment cooling market. This market currently has an annual production rate of at least 350 million impellers, with growth of the market expected to reach 652 million in year five. JetFan Ltd expects to acquire a 2.85 percent market share during this period.

The trend toward miniaturization, combined with more powerful computer chips, creates the demand for smaller, more efficient fans. JetFan Ltd is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this demand. The JetFan’s competitive advantages over conventional fans include significantly greater air flow for a given resistance and diameter, making it very compact and therefore ideal for use in compact electronic equipment. The JetFan also emits less noise and is able to operate at a lower RPM therefore utilizing less energy. Operating at a wider range of RPMs, the JetFan allows fan manufacturers to reduce the range of impellers kept in inventory.

These advantages will be sustained by the web of intellectual property built around the technology that protects both the impeller design and the method of manufacture. Furthermore, brand equity will be built around the “JetFanTm” and “JetFan RevolutionTm” trade marks.

JetFan Ltd will establish itself as a fan impeller manufacturer. The company will supply its strategic alliance partners with impellers for assembly into complete fan units. This allows JetFan Ltd to focus on its core competencies of impeller design and manufacture.

JetFan Ltd’s management team of Michael Carter, Stephen Chant, Paula Mowbray, Anthony Guy and Terry Day, represent a strong blend of complementary skills and business experience. Michael, Stephen, Paula and Anthony are currently completing their MBA’s. Michael, the CEO, has experience in successfully commercializing new technology and, with a blend of industrial design and marketing experience, is well suited to managing the venture. Stephen, Vice President Finance and Administration, has a background in Chartered Accounting and currently holds a senior position in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneurial Services Team. Paula, Vice President Marketing, has experience providing international marketing advice for private and public sector firms targeting Asian markets. Anthony, Non-Executive Director, has a background in banking and finance and currently holds a senior position within Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ Corporate Finance and Investment Banking Team.

JetFan Ltd is seeking $2.5 million equity injection to commence commercial production. In return for this investment, we propose the investor would receive 38% equity in JetFan, two board seats, and a terminal value at the end of year 5 of $15.6 Million. JetFan Ltd is seeking an investor with complementary industry experience and an equal passion for … Creating the JetFan Revolution!

Fact: The typical household contains 27 consumer/electronic fans.
The JetFan Vision: By 2010, four of these will be JetFans

JetFan Technology Limited
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company’s Profile
2. Market Analysis
3. Strategic Market Entry
4. Marketing Strategies
5. Operational Plan
Potential Product/Market Matrix
Management Team Resumes
Marketing Strategy
Financial Forecasts
Action Plan
The Cooling Fan Specification Process
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