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Green Design – Management


Green Design Group LLC will operate as a matrix organization. The development cycle of apparel design, development and production, is similar for each client: (1) concept proposals, (2) designs, (3) technical drawings, (4) prototypes, (5) samples, (6) production orders, (7) production, (8) shipping and (9) import clearance. The organizational structure will revolve around each of these processes. Key employees will be responsible for one or more related processes for several clients. The project will be handed off to the next employee as it moves along the development phase. A marketing manager will eventually manage all phases of development and interface with the client.

A competitive advantage will be the “quick response” Green offers to potential clients. The Company can save several months in the development cycle by operating outside of the organization and in close relationship with the manufacturers.


Margaret R. Green will manage the daily operations of The Company. This is in addition to spearheading all creative development and interfacing with clients. She has over eleven years design experience in the sports industry along with developmental and production experience. As a 1996 graduate of New York University Stem School of Management, she brings additional skills in marketing, finance and management. (See resume and a brief description of the business in Appendix G.)

Mr. Burt Bradley will join the company as Director of Production. He brings over 13 years experience and $1.3 billion cumulative in production of sport and sports related apparel garments.

Mr. T.H. Chung, President of T.H. Corporation, Seoul, Korea, will join the company as a strategic investor. Mr. Chung owns factories in Korea and interest in factories throughout Asia and Central America. Over the past 23 years, Mr. Chung has supervised production of $20 billion FOB orders. His organization routinely manufactures and ships apparel garments to the United States, Canada, Europe and neighboring Asian countries.

Mr. Martin Hutchins will work with Green Design Group LLC in the strategic areas of sales. His contacts with retail distribution chains and corporate clients will be valuable in expanding the business into these lucrative areas. Other employees will be added as business develops.


All operations will continue at 150 Morris Avenue, Springfield, NJ, until sufficient clients and revenues exist. It is in the interest of the company to keep operating expenses to a minimum. Client presentations take place in the client’s facilities, therefore showroom space and conference rooms are not required. Currently at the Springfield, NJ headquarters, Green has two employees and there is space for three additional members of the staff. In the beginning, both Mr. Bradley and Mr. Hutchins can work from separate locations, a home-office environment.

For apparel production requiring foreign manufacturing, the production will be sourced with T.H. Corporation, Seoul, Korea. Additional manufacturers will be secured as the volume and diversity of styles increase. In the event of low minimums, products can be manufactured in the United States. All tee-shirt production will be in the United States.

Green Design Group, LLC
Table of Contents Appendices
1. Executive Summary
2. Company
3. Product & Services
4. Market
5. Sales & Marketing
6. Competitors
7. Management
8. Historical Financials
9. Projected Financials
Business Model
Industry Pricing
Balance Sheet
Projected Income Statements
Projected Cash Flow Statements
Projected 4 Year Income Statement
Resume & Business
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