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Green Design – Executive Summary

Green Design Group LLC, “Green” or “The Company” is a full service business providing customers with apparel marketing programs, apparel design and imports of high quality apparel products. The Company focuses on the active sportswear sector of the apparel industry and provides a menu of services from marketing and concept development of apparel products to the manufacturing and delivery of apparel products.

Margaret R. Green, the principal of Green Design Group LLC, established a presence in the sports apparel market as an innovative designer. The Company seeks to leverage her track record of product sales and establish a presence in product manufacturing to offer clients a complete package including (1) apparel marketing, (2) apparel design and development, (4) sourcing, (5) manufacturing and (6) importing.

Customers are defined in three target groups:

(1) Sport apparel companies which desire to broaden their product range. These firms seek additional creative input into their product lines or seek to create new apparel collections to complement their existing product lines. Green Design Group LLC acts as a design consultant creating products intended to reach and exceed sales expectations.

(2) Retail distribution outlets which desire to compliment their branded apparel with private label apparel concepts. Green Design Group LLC develops marketing programs and apparel collections specifically for retail sporting goods stores.

(3) Established consumer brands not currently marketing apparel and accessory products. Green Design Group LLC assists these clients in executing line extensions and/or consumer loyalty programs. These customers have expertise in related product lines, such as footwear, accessories or hard goods, e.g. golf clubs, in-line skates or soccer athletic shoes.

Revenues are derived from three sources: (1) consulting fees for apparel design, (2) royalty payments from apparel design and (3) production commissions from apparel manufacturing.

The Company is projected to generate $2,875,000 in revenue after three years with a 47% pretax profit margin. The cumulative negative cash flow reaches $139,000 in the second quarter of year two. Initial financing of $150,000 is intended to fund office personnel and marketing activities to attract additional clients required to expand the business. Anticipated royalty payments and consultant fees due in the second half of 1997, will also be used to finance growth.

T.H. Corporation, a garment manufacturer in Seoul, Korea, with 25 years experience and over $20 billion of product manufacturing, has pledged its assistance in developing products. Discussions are underway to determine the extent of the company’s participation as a strategic investor.

Mr. Burt Bradley has indicated willingness to join the Company as the Director of Production. His 13 years of experience and over $1.3 billion of product production give him the expertise to supervise apparel production for all customers. Mr. Bradley would be leaving a corporate environment to assume an equity position in Green Design Group LLC.

Mr. Martin Hutchins will assume the position of Director of Sales. His five years of retail experience and eight years of active sportswear apparel and accessory sales qualify him to assume this vital function.


Margaret R. Green is the majority shareholder in Green Design Group LLC. Her association with active sportswear began in 1986 as a designer with Ellesse, SPA, an Italian manufacturer of tennis and ski apparel. After returning to the United States in 1991, Green became the senior designer at Apex One, Inc. in Piscataway, NJ. The company innovated sports licensing with apparel products for professional and collegiate sport teams and athletes. Professional sport leagues included the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and World Cup soccer. During this three year period, sales at Apex One increased from $15 million to over $110 million.

In 1994, Margaret Green formed Green Design Group as a design resource for active sportswear companies. In the past three years, Green has worked with a variety of clients in this market sector to develop innovative apparel programs. Clients and design projects include the following:

  • The WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association): Design and development of the team uniforms and on-court apparel for the inaugural basketball season. (Summer 1997)
  • Umbro International, Inc.: Design of the 1997 Fall retail apparel collection. Emphasis was placed on outerwear and polar fleece to increase sales by $10 million. (Fall 1997)
  • C. S. Crable Sportswear, Inc.: Design and development of the Fall 1997 apparel collection of outerwear, polar fleece, sweaters, and knits to form the backbone of the company’s push into outerwear and heavy weight garments. (Fall 1997)
  • Apex, Inc.: Design of outerwear and polar fleece garment for the relaunch of the APEX brand. Items included polyfil jackets, down jackets and polar fleece garments. (Fall 1997)
  • Lanzara, Inc.: Design, development and production of the Fall 1996, Holiday 1997 and Spring 1998 apparel collections.
  • Reebok. Inc.: Design of the 1996 Summer Olympic delegation’s sportswear and athletic apparel for seven countries under contract to Reebok. (Summer 1996)
  • Reebok. Inc.: Design of The World Football League uniforms and side-line products for the inaugural WFL season in Europe. (Spring 1995)
  • Reebok, Inc.: Apparel product design and development for entrance to the American NFL, NBA and NCAA retail markets. Sales were $18 million the first season (Fall 1995) and for the following season (Fall 1996) sales surpassed $45 million.
  • Prince Tennis: Design and development of apparel groups for both men’s and ladies’ tennis. (Spring 1998, Spring 1995, and Fall 1995 collections)
  • Fashion Rite, Inc.: Design of children’s sportswear. Product categories were NBA and collegiate licensed outerwear, windwear, fleece, tees and shorts. (Spring 1995, Fall 1996)
  • Mizuno, Inc.: Designed Olympic apparel proposals for consideration for company employees to wear at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. (Summer 1996)

Green Design Group, LLC
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