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Fabrica – Product

3.1 Startup product

Our startup product will be the output of the KS 24 loom, a 24-harness electrically powered, manually configured loom with a maximum output width of 10 inches and weaving speed (with medium-weight, 200 denier yarn) equivalent to 1 inch per minute of finished fabric. It can duplicate approximately 90% of all woven-pattern yardage.

The output we are selling will consist of samples averaging 10 x 72 inches (25 x 183 cm), with a typical in-plant turnaround time of 2 days.7 Cost per one sample will range from $81 to as much as $ 1,000, depending on complexity and destination country.

3.2 R&D / follow-on products

3.2.1. KS 24 advanced dobby sample loom

The first step of our R&D plan is already complete, with KS 24 loom already in operation. With 24 harnesses in place of the 16 in the KS 16, it can produce a given figure 50% larger with the same degree of detail.

3.2.2. KS/C computerized loom

This version of the KS loom, already fairly well advanced, features electromechanical activation of the harnesses controlled by a PC. The alternation of fill yarn over and under warp strands is directly controlled from the computer file specifying the fabric pattern, so that there is no need to set the metal pegs that govern the lifting of harnesses in the KS 16 and KS 24 looms. Pattern setup errors will be eliminated, and the skilled labor time required per sample reduced by 33%. We expect installations will start in Q4 of year 2002.

3.2.3. KS/J Jacquard loom

In Jacquard looms, a practically unlimited number of punched cards replace the harnesses and heddles in controlling which warp strands are lifted so the fill yarn passes under them. Whereas a 24-harness KS 24 can produce only 24 distinct paths for the fill yarn, a Jacquard loom could hypothetically vary over/under sequence every time the shuttle crosses the warp. It is the Jacquard process that permits the weaving of large figures, such as pictures the full width of the cloth. The computer-controlled KS/J will produce what are now the most costly and time-consuming samples little more time than the simple dobby figures of the KS 16. Commercial operation expected after 2004.

3.2.4. KS/K knitting sampler

Knitting mills face the same problems providing customers with samples that we have described for weaving mills. Absolute costs for producing a sample in-house are lower, but so is the average value of an order, so the producer’s incentive to use the Fabrica service is still strong. Development will start in year 2003 and expect to finish in a couple years.

7 Where special yarns or colors are required (our standard stock of 780 variants is expected to cover 80% of orders) a further 3 to 6 working days will be needed.

Fabrica Co., Ltd.
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