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Fabrica – People

2.1 Key managers

Fabrica has been established by five people whose diverse work experience runs from textile manufacturing, ‘international marketing, finance to small business entrepreneurship. All of us are currently completing the Masters in Marketing degree at Thammasat University. Three of the team members, who bring in complementary skills and a wealth of experience ‘in the management of new and growing businesses, share their parts as members of Board of Directors. Fabrica’s management team consists of :

Anan Wongmasa, age 29, Managing Director

Anan grew up in the textile industry. His family founded a small knitting and garment business over thirty years ago, selling both fabric and apparel. With his education background in accounting from Thammasat University and MBA from University of Wisconsin, he adds to his practical excellent educational qualifications for leading Fabrica to its goals.

Dr Sathit Putthachaiyong, age 42, Research & Development Director

As the inventor of KS looms, Dr. Sathit is unquestionably the best person to guide Fabrica’s R&D, which will focus exclusively on improvements and extensions to the KS loom range. Dr. Sathit first started his career, over 20 years ago, in a weaving mill before deciding to pursue further studies in textile technology. After receiving his Ph.D. from England, he has dedicated himself primarily to the academic sector while continuing to work closely with many companies in the textile industry, so that he is uniquely able to adapt theory to real-world situations. Dr. Sathit is also well known in the textile industry both locally and internationally. He brings to Fabrica not only outstanding technology , but also a very good reputation and recognition.

Viwat Supatham, age 36, Finance Director

Viwat will take responsibility for all resource management activities including financial management & accounting, material procurement, and human resource management-all duties he currently discharges at Bangkok Crystal Co. Ltd., a listed manufacturer of luxury glassware with market capitalization of $104 million. In addition, his background in engineering and further education in management perfectly suit him to a lean, production-based company like Fabrica.

Amornrat Putrakool, age 33, Production Director

With a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from California State University and nearly a dozen years in industrial production and product management including procurement, Amornrat is ideally qualified both to oversee the design and construction of our Bangkok plant, and to coordinate establishment of licensees’ production centers.

Chalermporn Siriwichai, age 28 Marketing Manager

After graduating from Thammasat University, Chalermporn has been managing sales and marketing functions for three years. In addition to that, she is also in cope with customer communications and service, making her be our natural representative to introduce Fabrica to overseas markets.

Pavika Koomvutiworn, age 30, Administration Manager

Pavika will undertake to all of Fabrica’s administrative operations since she has more than five years in administrative sections. She is also well qualified to conduct personnel training and other human resource activities.

2.2 Ownership & compensation

Fabrica was originally registered with paid-up capital of US$500,000 split among the team members and the inventor. Dr. Sathit has paid for his shares with the proceeds of a one-year option to purchase all rights to the KS looms and related inventions; exercise of the option will require payment of $100,000 additional. When we have consummated a deal with a venture capital investor, paid-up capital will be as shown in the chart below.

Senior managers are all Fabrica founder-shareholders, and will be bound to maintain their holdings for the first three years of operation. Because we think it is important to separate rewards for management performance from those of investment, their base compensation packages will be at the mid-range of Thailand market levels, with very generous performance incentives. Management contracts provide for retention of incentives payable for two years after departure from the firm. Sale of original shareholdings will require board approval for the first five years.

Fabrica Co., Ltd.
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