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Eurosky – Executive Summary

This Business Plan introduces Eurosky, a company that markets innovative business aviation concepts to corporate customers in Europe. Eurosky is offering 40% of its equity to a venture capital investor in return for a 1,000,000 DM ($590,000) cash infusion. Based on a projected terminal value of $55.8m DM ($32.8), this investment will be worth 22.3 million DM ($13.1 m) at the end of year 5, yielding an average annual return of 86%.

Eurosky will tap an unmet need for business aircraft services in Europe. The company will offer an innovative Fractional Ownership program for business aircraft. A Fractional Ownership Program is a new and exciting concept where several parties share the ownership of one business aircraft. All management responsibilities are left with the company offering the Program. Fractional Ownership brings all the benefits an own aircraft at a fraction of the cost and operational complexity.

Fractional Ownership is currently experiencing exponential growth in the US and will be the motor of future growth in the European business aviation industry. Eurosky will capitalize on this business opportunity. It is Eurosky’s objective to become leader in the Fractional Ownership market for business aircraft in Europe.

There are over 850 companies in Germany and its neighboring countries that are qualified prospects for Eurosky’s Fractional Ownership Program. Eurosky will offer a Fractional Ownership Program tailored to the exact needs of these potential customers. Unlike its direct competitors, Eurosky will base its product on a turboprop aircraft which will provide reliable, cost-efficient and highly comfortable services on short to medium haul routes.

Eurosky has assembled a management team and a group of advisors that will be able to turn this business opportunity into a success. Eurosky will deliver its product through a network of partners. Key partners include Raytheon Aircraft Company, a leading manufacturer of business aircraft, and Augusta Air, an experienced aircraft operator. Within this network of partners, Eurosky has the unique competency for the sale of aircraft shares. Eurosky’s superior capability to access prospective customers and place shares in the market will be the key source of its competitive advantage. Additional areas of distinction are Eurosky’s networking capability and a unique legal setup to operate a Fractional Ownership Program out of Germany.

Eurosky will base its initial marketing success on thorough market research and a detailed data base of prospective customers already in place. Eurosky plans to sell 35 aircraft shares throughout the first five years of operation. This will translate to a fleet of nine aircraft being operated by the end of year 5. Eurosky will operate these aircraft out of three bases in Germany, allowing full coverage of the most attractive market area in Europe.

Eurosky’s fee structure will provide customers with a product of greater value at lower cost than any direct competitor. This will ensure ongoing profitable operations for Eurosky. The financial performance remains high even in adverse scenarios. In the base case, Eurosky’s sales will arrive at 19m DM ($11.1 m) in year five. Net income is growing at an annual rate of 94%, reaching 4.3m DM ($2.5 m) in year 5.

The founders of Eurosky invite prospective investors to participate in the potential of Fractional Ownership for business aircraft and to further explore the investment opportunity offered by Eurosky.

Table of Contents Appendices
1. Executive Summary
2. Market Analysis
3. Products
4. Company
5. Marketing and Sales
6. Operations
7. Financials
Pro-forma Financials
Resumes of the Founder Team
Board of Advisors
Key Advisors
The information and ideas herein are the confidential,
proprietary, sole, and exclusive property of Eurosky’s founders.

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