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 Easi – Management and Operations

6.1 Key Management Personnel

The Expert Application Systems, Incorporated management team consists of individuals with key talents and experience. The team is supported by a highly qualified Board of Advisors. Each member of the management team serves a critical role in the development, marketing, and distribution of EASI’s innovative products. The involvement of each team member in all aspects of EASI’s business guarantees a continued focus on customer wants and needs. The management team will draw reduced salaries until EASI’s revenues permit otherwise. See Appendix J for detailed management resumes.

Patricia M. Mack – President

Ms. Mack founded a software company that continues to operate successfully. Her experience includes profit and loss responsibility, risk management, and process testing within both established and start-up organizations. As President, Ms. Mack’s responsibilities include positioning Expert Application Systems, Inc. as an industry leader and developing corporate strategies.

Margarita R. Ash – Vice President of Product Development

Ms. Ash has seven years of product research and development experience with IBM, including product certifications for the U.S., Japan, and Europe. As Vice President of Product Development, Ms. Ash is responsible for determining appropriate development tools and strategies that meet customer needs and the planning of software production.

David Beuerlein – Vice President of Finance and Operations

Mr. Beuerlein has a wide range of operational and financial systems experience with General Dynamics including financial forecasting in New Product Development. Mr. Beuerlein is responsible for financial planning and control and the implementation of software production and customer support systems.

Deborah Sallee – Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Ms. Sallee has over seven years of engineering experience with Powerex, Inc. and Harris Corporation and has worked extensively in the area of technical marketing. Ms. Sallee has also previously worked with UL compliance needs. Ms. Sallee’s responsibilities include directing the planning and implementation of all sales and marketing efforts.

6.2 Board of Directors

EASI’s Board of Directors provides critical input to the setting of corporate growth strategies and policies. Currently, the Board of Directors consists of the four members of the management team. Three additional board members will be selected by initial investor(s).

6.3 Board of Advisors

Expert Application Systems, Incorporated is supported by a team of thirteen highly qualified advisors who have extensive experience in areas including product safety compliance requirements, object-oriented expert systems software development, quality control, finance, and international business. Appendix K contains detailed information on the Board of Advisors. In addition, an important part of the success of EASI is a broad network of contacts. These individuals have provided valuable advice in their areas of expertise and continue to make themselves available to EASI.

6.4 Company Structure and Ownership

EASI’s management team consists of four key individuals, and two software developers, as detailed in the organizational chart in Appendix L. Each member of EASI’s management team has taken an equity position in the company, prior to the involvement of outside investors, as follows: Margarita Ash: 29%, Patricia Mack: 31%, David Beuerlein: 20%, and Deborah Sallee: 20 %. An initial investment of $59,000 has been made and the management team has agreed to invest $53,000 of additional capital to fund EASI’s aggressive marketing and initial product development.

6.5 Future Staffing

Within five years, EASI plans to grow to 160 employees. These employees are divided into Marketing (including sales and support), Research and Development, and Administration. Key among these new members will be the near term addition of an experienced financial officer as the focus of the financial responsibilities move away from financial projections and more heavily to financial control. To maximize customer support and sales potential, as the company expands, Marketing becomes the focus of staffing expansion, with half of the employees working in this area by 1996 (see Appendix M). In addition, EASI will be working closely with the Standards experts at UL and will seek out product safety experts who are near retirement age and desire new challenges.

Expert Application Systems, Inc.
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. The Market
3. Products
4. Marketing Plan
5. Product Development
6. Organization
7. Financial Plan
Market Survey
Letters of Support
Product Screen Samples
Product Price List
Endorsement from UL
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Board of Advisors
Financial Projections

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