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 Breeze – Discussion Questions

1. Breeze plans to build a business by licensing its footwear ventilation technology to a major athletic shoe manufacturer and then using the proceeds to extend the technology to other shoe and foot products.

• What is your assessment of the attractiveness of an athletic shoe with Breeze’s ventilation technology? In other words, how good is the idea?

• What is your assessment of Breeze’s strategy to license its technology rather than manufacturer athletic shoe incorporating the technology?

• What does Breeze have to do well to make money with this idea? In other words, what are the critical success factors?

• How well has Breeze established the demand for athletic shoes incorporating its ventilation technology?

• What are the major risks?

2. Breeze has three management team members.

• How capable is this team of launching the business?

• Who among the group is most critical to Breeze’s success?

• Are any additional talents or skills needed?

3. Breeze is currently in negotiations with a major athletic shoe manufacturing company.

• How critical is this alliance to Breeze?

• What would motivate the athletic shoe manufacturer to sign a licensing agreement with Breeze?

• How attractive is the licensing structure involving a flat fee per period which Breeze is attempting to negotiate?

4. Breeze’s pro forma income statement for year 5 shows revenues of $17,000,000 and net income of $7,763,370.

• Which assumptions are most critical?

• Where and when is the $1,000,000 payment to the inventor reported?

• Assess the balance sheets.

• Are the financial statements credible?

• How could the presentation of the financial statements be improved?

5. Breeze is not currently looking for additional investors. However, assume that you were offered the opportunity to purchase the $70,000 bond held by Gurumbal Pty Ltd., that it was convertible into 5% of the common shares outstanding, and that you had sufficient capital to make this investment.

• What do you see as the major strengths and weaknesses of this investment opportunity?

• What are the major risks?

• How would you get your money out of Breeze?

• Would you invest?

Breeze Technology, Inc.
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. Market Analysis
3. Strategic Options
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Research & Development
6. Organizational Structure
7. Risk Reduction Strategies
8. Exit & Harvest Strategies
9. Financials
10. Summary
I. Focus Group Analysis
II. Competitor Content Analysis
III. Product Test Results
IV. Inventor’s Test Results
V. Resumes of Directors
VI. US Market Data
VII. Technical Drawings

Discussion Questions

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