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Breeze – Appendix VII – Technical Drawings

International Patent Application No. PCT/AU92/00554

United States Patent Application Serial No. 08/048,661

Australian Provisional Patent Application, PM 4890




The expanded pumping chamber holds 4 1/2 cubic inches of air

Similar to the volume of air contained around the foot




The pumping chamber compresses,

and the contents is propelled out

through the exhaust.



With the exhaust complete

the pumping chamber is fully compressedc




The chamber comresses, and fills with heated moist air drawn from around the toes. Fresh air then enters around the top of the shoe.

Breeze Technology, Inc.
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. Market Analysis
3. Strategic Options
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Research & Development
6. Organizational Structure
7. Risk Reduction Strategies
8. Exit & Harvest Strategies
9. Financials
10. Summary
I. Focus Group Analysis
II. Competitor Content Analysis
III. Product Test Results
IV. Inventor’s Test Results
V. Resumes of Directors
VI. US Market Data
VII. Technical Drawings

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