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Breeze – Australian Sports Commission

Leverrier Crescent, Bruce ACT 2617
PO Box 176, Beiconnen ACT 2616
Telephone (06) 252 1111
Facsimile (06) 251 2680
Telex AUSIS AA 62400

25th March, 1994
Dean Shephard
Breeze Inc.
FAX (075) 951160

Dear Dean,

Here are the results of the tests that we ran on your new shoe design. I understand that you will be leaving for the US this weekend so in the interest of time I will summarize the results that we found and send you a more complete report at a later date.

Just to refresh your memory we tested your “modified” shoe versus a normal unmodified shoe of the same make and age. We placed temperature sensors inside the shoe at a position directly below the first joint of the toes and under the instep. The subject ran on a treadmill at 12 km/hr for 15 minutes. I would have liked to have used a longer run but one of the sensors stopped sending data at 19 minutes so we stopped the test and used the last collection time (15 minutes) as the end time. If necessary I would be happy to repeat the tests over a longer time and perhaps at different ambient temperatures.

The results are as follows:

  start finish difference
Modified shoe
toe 80.4 F 91.6 F 11.2 F
instep 89.2 F 98.8 F 9.6 F
Sock weight 1.02 oz 1.1 oz .08 gm
Unmodified shoe
toe 80.2 F 98.4 F 18.5 F
instep 86.9 F 98.2 F 11.3 F
sock weight 1.0 oz 1.11 oz .11 oz

The results clearly demonstrate that the modified shoe significantly reduces the temperature rive inside the shoe compared to a normal unmodified shoe. The difference between the shoes, 7.3 F, was quite outstanding. In addition the subject noted while he was running that the modified shoe “definitely felt cooler”.

It is difficult to say based on only one test but based on this test I would agree with you that a shoe with this design would definitely make a difference in perceived comfort to the user, as well as reducing the temperature and perspiration conditions that promote foot odor and conditions such as athlete’s foot. Initially I was quite skeptical that we would see such a huge difference in temperature that you initially reported but these results confirm your initial findings. I would imagine that if we had continued the test for a longer time we would have seen an even greater temperature difference.

In regards to the extra cushioning effect I realize that the shoe that you sent down was only a prototype, but knowing the alteration that you are making to the normal shoe I imagine that in a full production shoe there would be an “extra” cushioning effect which would be a further advantage to the user.

As I said above we would be happy to conduct more tests if necessary. Good luck with this innovative new design.


Peter G, Davis Ph.D.

Australian Institute of Sports

Breeze Technology, Inc.
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. Market Analysis
3. Strategic Options
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Research & Development
6. Organizational Structure
7. Risk Reduction Strategies
8. Exit & Harvest Strategies
9. Financials
10. Summary
I. Focus Group Analysis
II. Competitor Content Analysis
III. Product Test Results
IV. Inventor’s Test Results
V. Resumes of Directors
VI. US Market Data
VII. Technical Drawings

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