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 Breeze – Organizational Structure

Exhibit IV: Ownership Structure of Breeze Technology Inc.

Breeze Technology Inc. is based in Delaware. It is jointly owned by Recreation Innovations Inc.(owned by the management team) and Cold Feet Pty. Ltd. owned by J. Mike O’Dwyer, the inventor.

6.1 Executive Experience and Responsibilities

Robert (Bob) Brough is the Chief Executive Officer of Breeze Technology. Bob has a wealth of prior business experience, having been a Managing Director and major shareholder of a diverse range of businesses over the last nine years, including the sale of Petroleum Products at both a retail and wholesale level. Most recently, Bob created a chain of 17 retail video, music, and entertainment hardware stores located in various cities over three States and a five year period. These were sold before he entered the Bachelor of Laws (Hons) program at Bond. After graduating from law Bob commenced his MBA studies. His business experience, legal knowledge, and pro-active leadership are important strategic assets for Breeze. Bob’s responsibilities include dealing with legal issues, strategic planning, marketing, and providing the vision and leadership to take the company forward.

Timothy (Tim) Zwemer, an expatriate American, is the Operations Manager of Breeze. His MBA studies have complemented his wide-ranging managerial experience and previous engineering studies. Prior to his MBA studies, Tim was Managing Director, and is still a major shareholder, of a large rural contracting company. His other business experience includes management positions in a company operating in the security and protection industry in Australia. He has also been involved in a multi-store retail fashion house and was associate editor and production manager in the launch of a specialist medical journal in the United States. Tim’s experience in management, marketing, and competitive strategy are an important asset to the development and growing of the business. Tim’s substantial technical abilities will underpin his major responsibilities which include managing the commercialization and application of current technologies and managing thc R&D department of Breeze.

Peter Homan, the Financial Manager, is a qualified chartered accountant (equivalent to a CPA in the VS). Since graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1986, Peter has worked for two of the “Big Six” accounting firms and is presently employed as a specialist tax manager at Bentleys, a boutique firm based in the State capitol. Currently on a 12 month leave of absence, Peter is in his last semester of MBA studies at Bond University. Peter’s professional work in preparing complex budgets and in the preparation of business plans provides a wealth of experience in new venture budgeting, business structuring and forward planning, particularly in relation to taxation and financial law issues.

Exhibit V shows the organization chart for Breeze. The unnamed positions in the third, fourth, and fifth levels will be filled in year three, when Breeze’s manufacturing and/or licensing of other technologies is scheduled to begin.

Exhibit V: Organizational Chart for Breeze Technology Inc.

Breeze will set up an office and research facility close to the licensee. A major role of this office will be to manage Breeze’s relationship with the licensee and develop products in cooperation with the licensee’s R&D department. The initial staff required will be small, including only a secretary/receptionist, an office manager and two engineers in addition to the management team. Additional staff will be required when new product rollouts begin in year 3. These will include:

• A Production Manager to liaise with the contract manufacturer(s) to ensure production meets the high standard of quality demanded and is produced within time and on budget;

• A Marketing Manager, whose role will be to develop and implement the company’s niche product marketing, advertising and promotional strategy;

• A Sales Manager, whose role will be to develop a sales program and run a small sales team in the niche markets targeted;

Breeze Technology, Inc.
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. Market Analysis
3. Strategic Options
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Research & Development
6. Organizational Structure
7. Risk Reduction Strategies
8. Exit & Harvest Strategies
9. Financials
10. Summary
I. Focus Group Analysis
II. Competitor Content Analysis
III. Product Test Results
IV. Inventor’s Test Results
V. Resumes of Directors
VI. US Market Data
VII. Technical Drawings

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