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Breeze – The Company

The mission of Breeze is to commercialize technology in the sports, leisure and recreation industries. The management team, Bob Brough, Tim Zwemer, and Peter Homan, have identified several windows of opportunity for the application of new technology in these industries and together constitute the nucleus of the expertise required to take advantage of these opportunities. As early plans developed, a network of complementary expertise was identified and involved. Breeze now has at its disposal the critical mass of talents and individuals necessary for the efficient, speedy and profitable application of advanced technologies in the chosen industries.

A number of proposals were examined during the process of selecting a launch technology. J. Mike O’Dwyer’s invention to ventilate and improve the cushioning and performance of footwear was ultimately selected after extensive investigation and independent testing. Breeze Technology Inc. was subsequently formed with O’Dwyer as a 25% shareholder. Bob Brough, Tim Zwemer and Peter Homan each hold one third of Recreation Innovations Inc., which in turn holds 75% of Breeze. The rights to the technology have been assigned to Breeze by the inventor under contract.

O’Dwyer’s invention represents a major change in the paradigm of footwear technology and will revolutionize the entire footwear industry. The technology dramatically increases the efficiency of footwear ventilation and improves on current shock absorption technology. The technology will also render unnecessary some of the current materials and manufacturing methods. Porous uppers will no longer be necessary, nor will it be necessary to stitch together multiple porous panels to gain the required support and stability of the uppers. Concurrent with this innovation, shoe manufacturers might use non-stretching uppers to extend the useful life of their shoes.

The footwear market currently seeks certain benefits from footwear products. These have been identified through four related streams of research: (i) a 1992 US Athletic Footwear Association report; (ii) focus group interviews; (iii) a competitor content analysis; and (iv) formal discussions with “key informants” i.e., senior executives in the footwear industry.

Breeze Technology, Inc.
Table of Contents Appendices
0. Executive Summary
1. The Company
2. Market Analysis
3. Strategic Options
4. Marketing Strategy
5. Research & Development
6. Organizational Structure
7. Risk Reduction Strategies
8. Exit & Harvest Strategies
9. Financials
10. Summary
I. Focus Group Analysis
II. Competitor Content Analysis
III. Product Test Results
IV. Inventor’s Test Results
V. Resumes of Directors
VI. US Market Data
VII. Technical Drawings

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