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Boomerang – Production Plan

7.1. Production Capacity of Service

BOOMERANG has estimated the labor and cost requirements needed to produce core product-based Internet sites and the value added services, in addition to the production capacity of each employee. The cost structure is presented in detail in Appendix F.

Based on the estimated production capacity, client demand, and resulting production requirements, BOOMERANG has identified the necessary office space and equipment purchases in Paris.

7.2. Production Issues

The productivity of each BOOMERANG director has been estimated and connected to the sales projections. Anticipated sales growth will be matched through additional subcontracting/hirings. BOOMERANG has estimated the capacity requirements for each service, and is therefore able to estimate personnel and working capital requirements.

The fact that BOOMERANG has calculated the basic cost structure for each service will allow the Company to make the subcontract or hire decision based on comparative profitability projections.

7.3. Quality Control

Quality control will be a critical mission. The pharmaceutical industry is extremely quality-oriented and attentive to detail. In turn, the pharmaceutical industry demands this same performance from its subcontractors. BOOMERANG will therefore hire a medical writer/editor during Year 1 to ensure that outgoing communications are both scientifically accurate and properly edited. BOOMERANG will also have a rigid document circulation process for redundancy purposes that will ensure that all outbound documents are error-free and reflect the stated needs and demands of the client.

7.4. Labor Force

The labor force is critical to the success of BOOMERANG in light of the fact that the pharmaceutical industry expects to work with qualified and professional personnel. The overwhelming majority of BOOMERANG’s services will consist of intellectual capital, requiring an investment emphasis on hiring and training qualified personnel. The following factors will ensure that BOOMERANG’s staff is top quality:

  • Paris is located at the crossroads of the European pharmaceuticals industry, ensuring a labor supply of industry experts with a wide variety of specialties.
  • BOOMERANG will launch with salaries benchmarked to the pharmaceutical industry, which will attract the needed labor.
  • BOOMERANG will conduct on-the-job training seminars.
  • As soon as is workload feasible, BOOMERANG will encourage outside education. As soon as it is financially feasible, BOOMERANG will provide financial contributions toward the continuing education of its employees.
  • For the first several years, BOOMERANG will have to look externally for needed competencies. However, once needed core competencies have been acquired, BOOMERANG will institute a “promote from within” strategy that will increase employee morale and will encourage the development of long-term, strategic partnership relationships with the client. This has value because clients in the pharmaceutical industry often follow trusted subcontractor employees from one vendor to another, a situation BOOMERANG would prefer to avoid because of excessive turnover rates.

7.5. Partnerships

BOOMERANG will utilize the following resources both to absorb client demand in excess of internal production capacity, and to serve as sources of technology/knowledge transfer in areas where BOOMERANG lacks the necessary core competencies. See Appendix D for the listing of BOOMERANG’s strategic partnerships.


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