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 Boomerang – Competitive Strategy

4.1. Types of Competitors

BOOMERANG has conducted an extensive analysis of the 122 companies in France that provide communications services to the pharmaceutical industry. Based on this analysis, two basic categories of providers emerge: those that develop the medical content of the programs and those that provide the technical execution.

There are approximately 30 providers of technical communications services to pharmaceutical companies in France who operate in a fragmented market. The great majority of theses providers (positioned as desktop publishers, CD-ROM producers, video producers, and Internet site technical producers) are small companies who serve a local/regional market. Pharmaceutical companies look to these providers for the technical execution of communications programs.

There are approximately 92 providers in France of medical communications programs who operate more internationally, but are extremely fragmented, ranging typically from 5-15 employees. These companies are quite profitable but carry little financial clout. Pharmaceutical companies look to these providers to develop the medical content of their communications programs, and generally allow them to re-subcontract out the technical execution of the program. It is these providers that are in the outsourcing distribution chain driver’s seat, since it is they who develop/manage the medical content of the communications program. This is a much more precious element of the communications program to the pharmaceutical company than the technical execution.

4.2. Competitive Position in France

There are two positioning presentations that best highlight BOOMERANG’s position with respect to the competition. The first is a grid (Graphic 2) that displays the technical/medical approach to servicing pharmaceutical companies matched with standard/innovative media.

A second grid (Graphic 3) displays medical generalist (meaning they provide a wide range of medical communications services) providers matched with specialist providers (meaning they specialize in one type of communications program, such as medical videos). This graphic is a blow-up of BOOMERANG’s positioning that was highlighted in Graphic 2.

BOOMERANG has conducted an in-depth analysis of the direct (pharmaceutically based) competition in France, and has determined that there are no other pharmaceutical communications vendors that specialize exclusively in developing their medical programs specifically for broadcast via Internet.

In addition to this unique positioning, BOOMERANG creates added-value by injecting a rich stream of patient quality of life data into its communications programs and through its ability to adapt them to the languages/regulations of each major pharmaceuticals markets

4.3. Competitive Position in the Global Marketplace

From its interaction with major pharmaceutical companies based in France, Germany, and Switzerland, it is clear that the competitive environment for pharmaceuticals communications is highly fragmented throughout Europe, and that BOOMERANG’s competitive positioning will be strong in all of the major European markets. Before entering the US market, however, BOOMERANG plans to conduct a careful competitive analysis, since the provision of medical communications programs via innovative, interactive media such as Internet is more advanced in the US than in Europe.

4.4. Conclusion

BOOMERANG’s offer of specializing exclusively in the development of medical communications programs designed for Internet is unique to France and will have limited direct competition across Europe. This is especially comforting given the fact that no dominant competitors exist and that the market for communications programs to the pharmaceutical industry is extremely fragmented in general.


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